Nursing Career

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Info for all 10 job levels:

1. Home Health Aid- You are at the bottom of the food Chain in this career. You need to work hard and make friends with your patients to get up a little higher. You cook, clean, and care your way up to the promotion you want. If your patients need help, you vow to be there to help. You cannot miss work or you will plummet back down the charts because this makes you patients unhappy. Good Luck.

Hours-7am-3pm (8 Hours)
Days- Mon.-Fri. (5 days)

2. Certified Nursing Assistant- Even though you still can't make your own decisions, you don't have to stay with the same patient anymore! You now work with the elderly, they are very needy and very fragile, so you must be ready for lots of walking around to patient to patient. Try your best to become friends with your patients because the more friends you have the better chance of a promotion. Don't forget to ask the Licensed Practical Nurse before you make any BIG decision, because if you don't you might lose your job. Good Luck!

Hours-11pm-7am (8 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Fri. (5 days)

3.Licensed Practical Nurse- You are now the boss of others but still under much higher authority. As the Certified Nursing assistants ask you a lot of questions, it becomes a big responsibility. You must care for patients in nursing homes but with more difficult tasks. Remember that the RN (Registered Nurse) will be keeping an eye on you. Good Luck!

Hours-7pm-7am (12 Hours)
Days-Fri.-Sun. (3 days)

4.Registered Nurse- Now you work in the ER! You must make sure everyone in your unit is doing there job. Your still not quite to the top but your started to get recognized. You make more and you don't have to make friends with all your patients especially because once they are treated they either leave or go to the hospital, depending on what you and the doctor decide how serious the patients injury is. But try your best to impress your Charge Nurse, because they are the ones who will either promote you or demote you,or maybe worse fire you! So missing work shouldn't be an option, if you serious about this career. Good Luck!

Hours-7am-7pm (12 Hours)
Days-Tues.-Thurs. (3 days)

5.Trauma Rescue Nurse- You are now one of the few that actually get to fly in, you guessed it!, A helicopter. You only go to the worst of the accidents so you have to have a strong mind (and stomach) to stay focused on your work. You must stabilize and transport your patients back to the hospital where they can get even more care. It's up to you if they make it, and everyone puts the pressure on you. Make sure to impress the Nurse Educator! Good Luck!

Hours-6am-6pm (12 Hours)
Days-Fri.-Sun. (3 days)

6.Nurse Educator- You are making your way to the top one nurse at a time, because now you are teaching nurses new things that nobody but you and the other Nurse Educators know! So if your not ready to answer questions in a snap then you might lose your job, because it might be easy to teach people who don't know anything about nursing but it won't be to teach people who think your not that much better than them. And besides the paycheck and how smart you have to be you really aren't that much better. If your Nurse Manager isn't impressed with you they could be your worst nightmare, but if they are happy with your work then you might get a PROMOTION! Don't crumble under the pressure, keep your head up at all times! Good Luck!

Hours-3pm-11pm (8 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Fri. (5 Days)

7.Nurse Manager- You manage your own Hospital units. You get to choose wether it's the ICU or the Emergency area. It will be different almost every day so you have to get used to change, and quick. It's all about your pace and you better keep it up if you plan on impressing your boss and getting any type of promotion. Good Luck!

Hours-12pm-8pm (8 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Fri. (5 Days)

8.Assistant Director Of Nurses- Now instead of just watching 2 or 3 places you must watch over the whole hospital! Many people look up to you, so one mistake could be your last. So make sure your not playing around on the job! You now also make sure everyone's schedule is correct and there hours are accounted for. If the D.O.N isn't impressed with how fast and how good you handle things say good by to this career! Just make sure your always organized and you are ready for anything and everything to end up in your office! Good Luck!

Hours-9am-5pm (8 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Fri.(5 Days)

9.Director Of Nurses- You are almost there. So close you can taste it! You answer directly to CEO of the hospital. You control anything and every thing that goes on dealing with the nurses under your instruction. Carefully improve and control you stations and sections for your final promotion. Work hard and Good Luck!

Hours-10am-6pm (8 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Fri. (5 Days)

10.Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner- Now after all those years of school the hard work has finally paid off, Your the cream of the crop! You are your own boss you set your own hours, you have your own clinic, and best of all you don't have to answer to anyone! But you are under a lot of pressure because you control all the nurses that work for you! Everywhere you turn someone needs help so you have to help without any questions! Hey this job isn't all bad especially because it's the highest you can be and your paycheck isn't bad at all! Don't lose your head, it would suck to lose your office after all the time you spent at school and all the things you went threw to get there! Good Luck!

Hours-5am-5pm (12 Hours)
Days-Mon.-Thurs. (4 Days)

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