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Modeling Career

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 18th Feb 2009 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 12th Nov 2017 at 3:59 AM
UPDATE: 11/11/17 Thanks to gummilutt the issue with the career not showing up or showing the wrong text has been fixed. This was an issue with the non-default language strings not being deleted, so non-English installations of the game wouldn't read the information correctly. I didn't realize this was an issue and couldn't replicate it since I have an English installation. Gummilutt was kind enough to provide the fix for me and the files have been updated. Please redownload and delete the previous version (name change was done as well to remove spaces for better load times)

Hey everyone. This is my first attempt at creating anything and I decided to go with a career. This career is EP compatible and I have tested it on my own computer. It seems to be working great. Here is a breakdown of each level within the career. There are very few levels that differ between man and woman as I tried to make them non gender specific. This is a custom career that will not overwrite any pre-existing career. The file includes the Teen career which is linked to the Adult career (which has been tested and works).

1. Modeling Agency Recruit TWTFS – 1700-2000 §65
Your beauty caught the eye of a modeling recruiter and now you’re being paid to look good. If you show enough potential you just might make it into the modeling school to further hone your talents.

2. Modeling School Student MTWTF – 1500-1800 §80
You’ve made it to modeling school! But you’ll have to work hard to get noticed among all the other students there with you. Show those instructors why you should become the professional.

3. Professional Teen Model TWTFS – 1700-2100 §120
Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to be one of the few Professional Teen Models. Keep up the hard work and you may have a promising career ahead of you one day.

1. Pageant Contestant WTFS – 1300-2200 §125
You’ve always known you were attractive so you spend your afternoons quickly changing from evening attire to swimsuits, answering questions, and twirling flaming batons. If you can just stand out, just once, you may be noticed by one of real talent recruiters. Prove you are worthy and you may get the opportunity to work towards something more than a crown.

2. Promotional Model WTFSS – 1200-2100 §250
You got noticed and have been offered the chance to be a live model. You are using your personality to attract buyers to all sorts of merchandise. Even though you’re being paid to model, you still feel as though you’re being used to further someone’s wallet. You know you’re not the focus here but if you show potential you have the chance to become the focus. You must be very charismatic and don’t forget to look good!

3. Hand Model MTWTF – 0800-1600 §325
Finally someone who notices your potential. Even if it was just your hands as you handed them a cup of juice made from newest blender. Every morning you wake up early just to have your hands filmed with various items for the shopping channel. No matter, you know with hard work in all departments, you’ll be able to move on to bigger and better things.

4. Catalog Model MTWTF – 1000-1800 §500
As a catalog model, you are now the face of the clothes. However, when you arrive on set, you find that many of the clothes do not fit. Creativity and mechanical skills will come in handy for discovering ways to make these clothes look good on anyone, especially you for your photo shoots. Your body also needs to improve to ever have a chance to compare with the top supermodels.

5. Commercial Model TWTFS – 1100-1800 §750
Catalog modeling went well for you but you are on your rise to the top and won’t be happy until you make it there. With the help of your newly acquired agent, you’ve moved on to commercials and get to use your voice as well. You find that these clothes fit even worse so keep working on your creativity and mechanical skills. You’ve also heard a new calendar is coming out that’s being shot in Twikkii Island. If your body is good enough (and you’re able to charm a photographer into putting in a good word for you), you may be one of the chosen.

6. Swimsuit Model TFSS – 1000-1500 §1500
You made it to Twikkii Island. Usually the weather is too hot and sticky to even contemplate going outside and you have to work hard to not get a sunburn without making it too hard to airbrush your make-up on. However, the pay is better and people are actually doing things for you now. You’ve had a taste of the good life and you want more.

7. Underwear/Lingerie Model SMTW – 1000-1500 §2000
Being a lingerie model is practically the same as a swimsuit model. Except now you have to look sexy without looking like a gigolo/tramp and come off available without actually being so. Not to mention there is a little more skin showing than usual. There are a few perks though such as working in the air conditioning and romping with attractive models of the opposite gender. Work hard on all your skills and you may make it to a place where your entire person is appreciated rather than just your body.

8. Fashion Editorial Model WTFS – 1100-1700 §3000
You’ve been selected as one of the year’s rising stars in the modeling industry. Now, because you are becoming a household name, all the major fashion magazines want you in their spreads. Not to mention the designers that line up at your agent’s door, all willing to pay large amounts of Simoleons for you to don their designs, for just a few photos featured in the magazines. Still, you’re not going to be satisfied until you make it to the top.

9. International Runway Model TFSS – 1500-2100 §3500
Your popularity keeps spreading and you’ve made it to the runway. Your personality shines, without overshining the designs, your body is almost like that of a deity, and you’ve practically perfected new ways of making the designs come alive for the audience members. You’ve still got some work, especially with walking down the runway in all those tricky clothes and tricky set designs, so keep working because this is your chance to make it to the top.

10. World Famous Supermodel MTW – 1100-1600 §5000
Congratulations, you’ve made it to the pedestal upon which all sims place only a few. Your face can be seen everywhere: magazines, TV, billboards, and posters adorning teens’ bedrooms everywhere. Everyone wants to know you and those that do want to be you. You are now a World Famous Supermodel and you’ve got eyes on you at all times. Don’t forget to keep up your appearance and behavior for the sake of your fans everywhere. And remember to bask in the glow of your fame because, soon, your looks will rot.

There are chance cards for almost all of the levels. I know that some people love chance cards, but I'm not a big fan of getting one every time I send my Sim to work so I left them out for some of the levels.

University is required because the reward for this career is the Home Plastic Surgery Kit. I do make mention of Downtown and Twikkii Island in a few of the chance cards/descriptions but they are not required for game play. Just a way of helping the story along in a plausible manner.

Also, there are no outfits, custom or otherwise, for this career. Models generally go to work in their own clothes, changing into what they are being photographed in once they arrive at work so that is what these Sim models do.

NOTE: I know that Elders can also follow teen careers but this career has been written for teens only. If you choose to have Elders in this career field, it will be written for a teen but you are more than welcome to play it as you wish.

I created this career myself and am quite proud of it. If you want to share, please link back to me. Please do NOT redistribute. If you have any questions regarding my policy, see my profile for my complete Terms of Use. If you still have questions, please PM me. Otherwise, enjoy. I would love feedback from anyone trying this career. I hope y'all enjoy it!