Parcheggio Mall

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2010 at 5:32 PM
Updated: 19th Nov 2010 at 11:32 PM
This community lot is built in the style of many American Strip Malls I have seen over the years. It is a community lot with various shops (described below) and a car park in the center which, if you get my Driveway as a Parking Space mod, your Sims will park in.

The shops (from left round to right) are:-

Fashion Boutique
A small clothes shop with several racks of cloths and a couple of changing rooms. The counter next to the cash register also sports a perfume rack and for those of you with the OFB EP, room for a jewelry rack next to it. There are some comfy seating areas next to the windows for wistful 'other halfs' to sit and gaze across the road while their partners are trying on the latest fashion.

Get all your games and magazines here. Also shown in the photographs is a Newspaper Rack and the Greetings Cards Rack. Neither of these are included in the packaged lot but I think they make nice additions to the store.

Mini Market
A one stop shop for all your groceries.

Gents toilets
Since I can never remember whether the triangle or the circle washroom door sign is gents, the door and the sinks are also blue.

Ladies toilets
Since I can never remember whether the triangle or the circle washroom door sign is ladies, the door and the sinks are also pink.

Hungry after all that shopping? Stop for a bite to eat in the restaurant. There are four booths for your comfort and delight while dining.

Reading Room
A quiet place to stop and read a book or play a game of chess. There is a cash regiser here in case you want to make an owned business at which point I believe you can buy books from bookcases. If you don't then you can delete the cash register from this store. This is also a good place to hang a Job Seeking Noticeboard - however this is not included in the packaged lot, but I think it makes a nice additional to the store.

Relax with a lovely blended (or poured) drink, play some pinball or have a dance to the jukebox. Unwind after a hard days shopping.

EP Requirements
This lot is built using the Any Game Starter to ensure no contamination from other EPs (and it has been checked with CleanInstaller). It only requires Maxis content from the Base Game and Nightlife EP plus a very small amount of custom content listed below. It was reduced using the Lot Adjuster just to allow me to build one square closer to the edge than otherwise.

If you want to have tarmac extending to the road as my floor plan shows, you will have to use moveobjects on in order to place the tarmac flooring - packaging the lot appears to remove these tiles.

Custom Content Included
Tiny Filesize Invisible Driveway for Lot Builders by Sophie-David

Custom Content Required but not included
Decorative Parking Spaces - with random cars parked by me
Driveway as a Parking Space by me

Custom Content Recommended but not included
This custom content is shown in the photographs but not included in the lot. If you like the recommendations you can download this content to enhance the lot further.
Job Seeking Noticeboard seen in the Reading Room in the photos
Greetings Cards Rack seen in the Newsagents in the photos
Newspaper Rack seen in the Newsagents in the photos

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: $210,364

Custom Content by Me:
- Parcheggio Mall - Community Lot

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
Mootilda for the Lot Adjuster.