Quick Easy Hair Binner - for hair, brows, beards - UPDATED 7/10/2011 v1.1.02

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2011 at 1:28 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 3:54 PM by Nysha
UPDATE (critical) - Version 1.1.02, July 10 2011

- bug fix: no crashing on old files like Anva and helaene brows
- bug fix: OK button works on filenames with [ ] in name
- bug fix: picking the .. directory always works correctly
- bug fix: file popups removed to stop redraw bug


What does it do?
Bin all the hair / eyebrows / beards cluttering your custom color bin!
Got 4 grays, all identical, cluttering your elder bin? Make them 1 grey! (Extra grey textures are REMOVED, not just hidden!)
Nice adult hair with boring Maxis child and toddler hair? Remove ages!
Got hair that disappears if you change hair color? Familify it!
Bushy brows on ladies? Plucked brows on men? Make them ladies/men only!
Hair missing from outerwear and maternity? Fix it!
Let townies have nice hair too!

Quick and Easy
Do all four colors at once! Do all ages/genders at once!
Do binning, 1 grey, familify, remove ages, brow gender, and compress, all at once!
Don't need SimPE (binning plugin)! Faster than Wardrobe Wrangler!

Bin Files

Select File

How to install

Windows: Download. Unzip. Double click the *.exe file to run.
Do NOT remove the *.dll nor *.manifest files.

Mac: I plan to add a Mac version in the future.

How to use

1) Select four files (black, brown, blond, red) by clicking the "..." buttons.

2) Click the "Bin" button.

3) Your files are now binned! (And you have *.bak backup files.)

That's it! Quick! Easy!

HUGE THANKS to all folks helping test, making suggestions, reporting issues.
Thanks to benrg, whose DBPF compression library I use (as does jfade).
Thanks to jfade for the Wardrobe Wrangler, which is still nifty for clothes and accessories!
Thanks to the makers of SimPE for a great tool. I used it along with BodyShop to verify that the hair binner works correctly.
Thanks to Theo (author of the binning SimPE_plugin) and AmberDiceless at MATY for helpful discussion, long, long, long ago.
Thanks to Phaenoh for her very good design suggestions, and for this great hair tutorial.
You can now do many of the steps in that tutorial with the hair binner instead of SimPE or Wardrobe Wrangler.