Grothfort Castle

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2011 at 6:10 PM
----- General talk -----

No this isn't another of all of these fairytale or medieval castles you see everywhere, but a little more regular and still magnificent one. I searched the castles on MTS just to see that my idea wasn't already built, and it seem that it is pretty unique. (at least hope so)
Why did I decide to build a castle? Well, even though it's beyond my modern house "image", I wanted show you that I got a wider repertoire.

The more I build in The Sims 3, the more I hate it... I wish EA could hire some real builders, so they can say what needs to be improved! I'm sure a lot of people even would do that for free.

Even so, despite this everlasting struggle, I once again managed to complete another Sims 3 project.

People that have been following my work through the eras of Sims, might have noticed a certain change after the Sims 3 release. No, I have not abandoned the modern design, it's just a coincidence that I have felt like doing other projects.

But for now, enjoy Grothfort Castle!

----- Story -----

Wherever there is a castle, there is a king. And whenever there is a king, there is a struggle, a country that needs to be protected. This time however, our mighty king travelled abroad, into a new world across the English channel, seeking to overtake some more lands. But as soon as he entered the French countryside, it was love in first sight. The king said:

"I shall erect a castle upon this very hill, in honour of every single tree, rock, cloud and bird in sight".

The King forgot all of his malevolent plans of gaining more power, instead he lived happily ever and after.

----- Lot info -----

Size: 64 x 64
Price: § 370,000
Unfurnished: § 101,000
Playable floors: 3 (N.B. floor 3 is skipped by a "skip floor" marker. Just so you don't get confused.)
Bedrooms: 11
Type: Residential - But may serve as luxurious French basecamp as well.

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: § 370,000

Additional Credits:
Thanks all of you that have been supporting me all this time, both members, artists and moderators.
All of your nice comments makes it fun to upload more things to the community!