Castle Lands (NoCC)

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Uploaded: 5th Apr 2021 at 6:21 PM
Castle Lands was built on Bigger Builder's Island and playtested in Appaloosa Plains. Game version 1.67

This is a package file lot- Place in your library folder.

This is a 64x64 residential lot decorated as a medieval village for story telling. It has a moated castle, outer perimeter wall, jousting arena, stable, grain silo, church, inn, farmhouse, merchant area, a general store with housing for a broom closeted witch, dockside area, blacksmith house, and a seafarer house.

This lot is flat but may work best on a peninsula where some edges can be lowered to the water.


Move objects cheats and constrain floor elevation cheats used.

This is a residential lot for story telling and will not have frequent visitors like a community lot.

This is a large lot with many objects that may not play so well on a computer unable to render many objects well.

There were many floating tiles I had to get rid of (think I got them all) but it is possible I missed some or some other issue I missed during my playtesting- just let me know if there are any oustanding issues.

No CC is in this file but you can obtain optional additional custom content for this or any medieval lot from these links:

Mod the Sims-Link

The Sims Resource- Link

Murfeelee has created some content on their tumblr (Gifts of the Fae 1&2) -Link

Danjaley has created some content on their tumblr-Link

Silfantasy has created many disney characters and other medieval content-Link


Blackys Sims Zoo (registration required)- Link

Equus CC-Database (horse items)-Link

Sugar Legacy Stables (horse items)-Link

Around The Sims 3 (church set)- Link

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 963809
Lot Price (unfurnished): 593832

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Mod The Sims for providing a platform to share creations.