yyata living set

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2011 at 4:34 PM
I've created this set almost a year ago, but unfortunatelly I left it unfinishied because of personal issues. I decided to share with you, what I've already done.

Delightful simplicity. Pure form. Versatility. Words are superfluous.

Set of sixteen meshes + recolours:

- loveseat (under Comfort/Sofas category) price 1300 Simoleans
- armchair (under Comfort/Armchairs category) price 650 Simoleans
- LCD tv (under Electronic/TV category) price 5500 Simoleans
- cushion (under Decorations/Sculptures category) price 45 Simoleans
- floor lamp (under Lamps/Floor lamps category) price 750 Simoleans
- ancillary table (under Surfaces/Endtables category) price 270 Simoleans
- coffee-table (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 600 Simoleans
- low shelf (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 150 Simoleans
-middle shelf I (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 150 Simoleans
- middle shelf II (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 150 Simoleans
- top shelf (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 140 Simoleans
- low sideboard (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 400 Simoleans
- middle sideboard (under Surfaces/Coffee-tables category) price 300 Simoleans
- wall cabinet I (under Surfaces/Miscellaneous category) price 450 Simoleans
- wall cabinet II (under Surfaces/Miscellaneous category) price 350 Simoleans
- bowl with apples (under Decorations/Sculptures category) price 200 Simoleans

- collection file so it would be easier for you to find all the items from the set

Other meshes are attatched below

Set was packaged by WinRAR

Polygon Counts:
yyata_armchair_ulmille.package: 1709
yyata_bowl_ulmille.package: 1797
yyata_coffetable_ulmille.package: 140
yyata_cushion_ulmille.package: 382
yyata_floorlamp_ulmille.package: 2112
yyata_lowshelf_ulmille.package: 50
yyata_lowsideboard_ulmille.package: 50
yyata_middleshelf1_ulmille.package: 24
yyata_middleshelf2_ulmille.package: 24
yyata_midsideboard_ulmille.package: 46
yyata_shelf_ulmille.package: 24
yyata_sofatable_ulmille.package: 136
yyata_sofa_ulmille.package: 2163
yyata_tv_ulmille.package: 478
yyata_wcabinet2_ulmille.package: 44
yyata_wcabinet_ulmille.package: 44