Environa Red

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2011 at 5:02 PM
Updated: 3rd Oct 2011 at 10:47 AM
A modern looking house built for richish Sims and their children. This lot includes:
-living room
-dining room
-2 bathrooms
-3 bedrooms (master, children's and teen room)
-hallway with chess set and electric piano
-laundry room
-Outdoor; patio with lounge chairs, large garage, small seating area at the back

I've based this lot on a House created by the architectural company Environa. See their house, the "E3 500 Logic" here . Of course certain aspects of the house are of my own design such as the first floor, the laundry room and the bicycle shed on the side of the house.

I Have used 1 set of the Sims 3 store items, mainly that of the BahHaus collection. This is an awesome set of windows and doors and I highly recommend using them in this house. If you don't have them, I think they are replaced with default windows. Hope it's not to much of a problem.

It seems I'm following a colour scheme here, my previous house was decorated in mostly greens, this time it's red!
I hope your sims enjoy this house as much as mine did.

CC used, not included:
- Sims 3 Store BahHaus Collection
- Lynx Living Collection
- Ikea LACK Surfaces by Hugelunatic (Love Ikea Stuff!)

Furnished: 98,255
Unfurnished: 58,508

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 98255