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April Bathroom

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Uploaded: 14th Oct 2011 at 4:04 AM
This is the Bathroom to go with my April Bedroom Set found HERE and April Nursery Set found HERE.

The wood recolors comes from the April Bedroom Set Small Endtable and the Knobs, Handles and Glass use April Bedroom Set 2 Tile Amoire. You must have them in your downloads folder.

The Knobs, Handles and Glass are not recolorable. In order to change the colors you'll have to change the base texture in the 2 tile amoire file.

All the textures for the metal in the sink and tub come from the April Tub, so use it for those recolors.

All the textures for the ceramic parts in the shower, wall lamp and toilet come from the April Toilet, so use it for any of those recolors

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April Bath Mirror With Cabinets - Decorative/Mirror - 449
April Bath 1 Tile Mirror - Decorative/Mirror - 99
April Shower - Plumbing/Shower - 949
April Sink With Counter - Plumbing/Sink - 249
April Bathroom Sink - Plumbing/Sink - 249
April Toilet - Plumbing/Toilet - 249
April Bathroom Tub - Plumbing/Shower - 1249
April Bathroom Vanity 1 Tile - Surfaces/Misc. - 399
Wall Light - Lighting/Walllamp - 75

Polygon Counts:
tb-April-Bathroom-Mirror-Sink-Cabinet-Sides.package: 1486
tb-April-Bathroom-Mirror-Wall-1Tile.package: 352
tb-April-Bathroom-Shower.package: 3066
tb-April-Bathroom-Sink-Cabinet.package: 1993
tb-April-Bathroom-Sink.package: 1416
tb-April-Bathroom-Toilet-Mirrored.package: 1651
tb-April-Bathroom-Tub.package: 4738
tb-April-Bathroom-Vanity-1Tile.package: 1279
tb-April-Bathroom-wall-light.package: 978