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OMG, these are my favorite contest/challenge/thingies. I loved the one I did on RealPollyMog's foundation and then again with my friends in #create. It's been too long. wgroome has created a new twist on it, to give you families you must build for as well as the foundations.

wgroome's text: Tyler Gravel is a romantic, fitness fanatic and rising athlete. He wants his house to have a modern feel, and the wow factor that will impress all the ladies. A home-gym is a must, and a swimming pool outside would be his idea of perfection. Tyler also wants a guest bedroom for when his family fly in to town to watch his matches.

Let me introduce you to Tyler Gravel (in my game he's going by Jason Graham, after I made him he just looked more like a Jason). He's recently graduated college after having played on the basketball team every year. He joined the sports fraternity while he was there and he proudly displays his Greek letters on his house. He was recruited shortly after graduation so that accounts for the nice house and the nice car. He didn't want the fanciest car out there, because he knows the ladies think only self-centered boys drive Hunkas. He set up a hoop in his driveway to help keep himself grounded.

He loves having the guys over to watch the games, he usually can't get them to come watch the replays of his own games, but that's ok with him. He's got all his basketball trophys and memorabilia around him and he absolutely loves his big screen. Right off the living room is the kitchen and it's retro modern. Sometimes the classics are still the best.

When his parents and little brother come into town for his games they have their own suite. His little brother has a day bed just inside the guest balcony so it can be used as a couch as well. He loves shooting hoops with his big brother outside, and even wins a few of the games (though Mom and Dad think Tyler/Jason is letting him win).

His home gym is perfect for keeping himself toned. He has a full wall mirror so he can check out his muscles and fine tune his technique. Next to it he has a shower and a steam room where he can go to rinse down and relax. He enjoys the large windows and because they are half height, he doesn't have to worry about flashing the neighbors, though there is a hott little blond number down the street that secretly wishes he would - damn that's some fine abs!

He's finally got that pool he always wanted. Its great for keeping himself in shape and for working through injuries. It's also kick ass for summer cookouts. He likes to surf and snowboard when he isn't playing ball so you can find some of that sprinkled through the house as well. Just off the patio is a shaded relaxing porch, it is open to the backyard and has candles and a little fountain. It's really nice at night time after a quick skinny-dip. All the deck furniture is teak so it can withstand the elements and looks pretty too.

And lastly, what kind of bachelor pad would be complete without a swanky bedroom. He's got more romantic touches in his bedroom than most single guys, but then, he is a romantic, and he really likes touching.

And just something that was fun, Jason's One True Hobby is Sports, so my incarnation of him really really loves living here. He and the other three families will make lovely additions to Desdirata. Jason's house is right in between the Spark! Sports Park and the FreeTime Recreation Center. He's in heaven. You'll have to make your own verison of Jason/Tyler, of course!


Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $115,000

Custom Content Included:
From MTS:
- The Embrasure by Ergo Mid and Privacy by HugeLunatic
- Dish Drying Rack by Stack 'Em Wide Inc., and Lucky Bamboo by Boblishman
- Shorter Empty Billy Bookcase and Stack of Books #1, #2, #4, and #5 by leesester
- Candid Candlestick 5 and recolor by buggybooz
- Sports Car Middle Class by Fresh-Prince
- Contemporary Dining Chair by gromit
- Decorative Throw - Silversong Creations by Reyn
- Surfaco Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- Shiftable Shelf and recolor by SilentLucidity
- Here and There Thing by ta539
- Extra Dresser Slots by Lord Darcy
- Parthenon Match Park Bench by Ailias by Ailias
- FX with bubbles by Sophie-David

- "Shiny Things Inc" Experimental Flower and Anywhere" Candle, Three Candles, and recolor by Kate
- Tropical Leaves of Repose Small by lmhwjs
- "The Game Winning Basketball Display" by Al I by Wintermuteai1
- ATS Bubble - Sport - Weights and Basket Ball by Sandy
- F-P Mid Sports Car recolor by Rym
- Bed Blanket and recolor by Jonesi
- Sculpture_Snowboard by Lord Darcy

Dead sites:
- Basket, Just A Basket, Lil' Teddybear, and Nordic Wall Shelf Low by fairywitch
- Bed Pillows By SnowStorm by SnowStormS (dead site)
- Part of the spx-Keeping it simple 2008 collection by Nel (dead site)

Additional Credits:
Creds of course to wgroome for running this challenge.