*Updated 11/01* Evening School

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2012 at 7:45 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2013 at 2:08 AM - bug fixed
Adults missed school life a lot! Finally the town is going to open new classes for adults! So, here's come the Evening School. This mod adds the functionality of evening school for young adults or above, and there are two types of classes available for sims to choose.

1. Random Skill Class:
In every sim day, the school will organize two to three different skill classes, sims may attend one of these skill classes, they're paying for higher learning efficiency than usual. As shown in the picture below, the school organized Gardening, Handiness and Guitar classes.

1. Registered skill class:
But you might noticed that, Guitar class was a little bit cheaper than other, this is because sim had registered for regular skill classes. Sim may register skill class through computer, with a discounted price compared with random skill classes organized by the school every day. Once sims registered for that skill class, say, Cooking class on Monday, he/she could attend Cooking lesson on every Monday, until he/she drop out from that class.

Thanks egnite987, I've change "register" to "registered" within the package.
Once they're registered, a class ticket will be added to sim's inventory, which show all information related to the class registered. Sims may also make payment before classes, and the school fee will be even lower depends on how much your sims paid.
P.S. The learning efficiency is even higher if sims registered, because they are well prepared to have lessons! Also, skill class will always be available if they registered. It's worth to pay the application fee.

1. Sims may attend regular class between 18:00 and 23:00, and random class between 18:30 and 23:00. This is perfect for most workers!
2. If sim didn't have that skill, probably he/she has to attend two classes to get the first skill point, and actually he/she could get more than one skill point in first two lessons.
3. Sim may only attend one class a day, if your sim choose to attend a random class instead of regular one on that day, they can't attend the regular class. After all, school was a business!
4. Before deleting the mod, it's better to remove all class data through computer, the interaction is available when testingcheatsenabled true.
5. You may turn off the notification reminding your sims to have lesson through
the computer when cheats enabled.

Possible Conflicts
This is a pure script mod that adds new functionality to the game, and it doesn't alter any part of the game. This mod hardly conflicts with other mods.

I have recompiled the mod and tested again under 1.42 game version,
Since the code didn't change, it might be fine to use this mod under previous game version,
but there's no guarantee that there will be no problem, so take your own risk.
No expansion pack is required to use this mod.
Update is not needed for 1.47 compatibility.

Known Issues
I'm a bit confused with the new skills in new EPs, their common names didn't match the name in code, so it will take me a while to find them out. So new skills after Pets are not added yet.

09/07/2012Update translations; Fixed strings not showing in game.
12/07/2012Update translations; Tested compatibility for 1.36.
14/07/2012Removed Tattoo Art Skill; Thanks anak_ponti for reminding me.
29/07/2012Added tunings for this mod.
02/08/2012 Bug fixed; Sims may attend class when they have tickets left but not enough family funds now.
06/08/2012Added an interaction to delete one ticket by clicking on it when cheats enabled.
02/09/2012Updated to 1.38 compatibility.
21/12/2012Updated to 1.42 compatibility.
11/01/2012Update translation.

Language Support
I could only offer English and Traditional Chinese for this and other mods. Please feel free to translate the mod using the translation file provided.

Thanks every one help translating the mod.

I can't point out all, I got a lot of advise making this.
Thanks Inge, Nona's help, sometimes even YAY did help, so every one is helpful.

Additional Credits:
Thanks Peter and Inge for S3PE.
Thanks all writers of general modding tutorials on MTS.