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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 7th Nov 2012 at 5:03 AM
Updated: 20th Sep 2013 at 1:11 AM
17 Sep 2013 - Version 0.6 released

Some Info for you brave Testers out there


I do not recommend this mod for beginners.

What this mod does

This mod attempts to give the impression of your Sim kids growing up.

This mod updates Children and Teens every night to simulate the physical process of growing up.
They grow in body height and shape and their voices are adjusted accordingly.

When the Sims turn into young adults, all the modifications are reverted as if nothing has ever happened.

Of course you can activate and deactivate the mod for each Sim. Or have the mod auto update everyone.

You also have to activate it manually for each world/savegame you are playing. So having one game with growing Sims and another with standard Sims is absolutely no problem.

How fast they grow depends on the lifespan you have set for Child and Teen in your game.

What values is this mod changing?

This mod demands some responsibility from you as a user. Please read the instructions carefully.

This mod keeps the original data about your child/teen. Only the mod itself can restore the data for your sim precisely. This data is stored in your savegame, not in your Sim! Before you separate your Sim from the Mod or the Savegame you have to switch it off manually.

Uninstalling the Mod
You really should use the !CLEAN UP and save your game before uninstalling the mod. Technically you have to do this for every Savegame!

Exporting Sims and Households
The mod must be disabled for all Sims you plan to export in any way! This applies to copying sims to the library, too.

Installing EA Patches

Yes. You should !CLEAN UP and save your game before you install an EA patch. And yes. technically for every savegame you ever plan to reload.

This only applies to games in which you activated the mod. Playing any normal game without switching on the mod can be considered safe.
I really hope I scared you enough, time to tell you about...

The mod is switched on by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C and typing consortgrow and then pressing enter.
You will get a popup message asking you to confirm.

This is a security feature and there is no functionality to undo this.
This just unlocks the mod, it does not alter your sims yet.


The ConsortGrow menu only shows when you click on Teens and younger.
Shows you mod-related information about the Sim.
Sorry, some of the data is a bit cryptic. Important for you:
-Is the mod activated for the sim?
-How many Sims are activated in total?

Enable Mod for $Name
The Mod takes the Sim under it's spell.
Transforms the Sim to his/her new form.

Disable Mod for $Name
Transforms the Sim back to the original values.

Enable Mod for all Sims in Town
Transforms all Children and Teens in your World and takes them under it's spell.

Click this option any time again and it will do a check and only add new found Sims.

!CLEAN UP (Disable Mod for all Sims in Town)
Restores and applies original values on all Sims the Mod has data for.

Errors after playing the game for a while are not unusual. I'm getting them too.
Errors and left over sims mean that the mod holds data for Sims that are no longer in the game. This could have many reasons.
The mod is quite stubborn. It will keep the data of those Sims until they return (most never do) and lists them as errors every time you use this function. See this as a precaution.

More Details about Functionality

Birthday Spin

For your household Sims, the mod tries to make the birthday spin look as smooth as possible. It does not alter the original birthday code of the game though.

Instead, it updates your Sim just before the birthday spin and again a while after. This proceducre can glitch and your Sims will have a wrong physique before or after their birthday spin. This is just a visual thing and will usually be fixed after a while or during the nightly updates.
Nighly updates

The nightly updater fires at 1 A.M. and updates All Sims you switched it on for
Voice randomization and mutation

If a kid has a standard 0 voice, the mod attempts to inherit voice from same gender parent including a 10% mutation.
If that doesn't work or the parents also have 0 voices, the voice gets randomized.

This only applies to sims affected by the mod.
I should have made this switch on and offable, but if you care about voices you probably have adjusted them already.


The mod sniffs for birthdays and applies changes to those Sims - If you have activated them.
The mod also automatically activates after Toddler to Child birthdays if you are using the "Enable Mod for all Sims" option.

Even more Details about Functionality

Known Glitches (and Bugs that are actually Features)

This Mod is XML tunable

Undocumented Cheat Codes

What are the files in the .zip?

Switching to CmarNYC Height slider
-Make sure you are running version 0.6 (or later) of this mod
-You have CmarNYC's Sim Height Slider installed (this one http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=508972)

Ok, lets go: (This is the simple brute force version)
-Step 1: Delete the Bloom_SimHeight_slider.package from your mod folder.
-Step 2: Download ConsortModGrowTuning 0.6 CMAR compatibility.zip from the files section and put the containing file in your mod folder (overwrite the old file)
-Step 3: Start the game, wait for the next 1 a.m. update to fix your growing Sims.

Or, do it the elegant way. This way you can keep both sliders installed and don't have to wait until the nightly update.
-Step 1: Download ConsortModGrowTuning 0.6 CMAR compatibility.zip from the files section and put the containing file in your mod folder (overwrite the old file)
-Step 2: Start the game
-Step 3: Copy and paste the following cheats in the cheat console (Ctrl+Shift+c to open up the console). One cheat at a time please.

consortgrowsliders #E9B528D8A39D1885 copyto #F9E284139E1F88CF if TeenOrBelow
(copy the slider values from blooms height slider to Cmar's height slider for all teens and younger)

consortgrowsliders #E9B528D8A39D1885 setto 0 if TeenOrBelow
(set blooms height slider to 0 for all teens and younger)

consortgrowsliders #B070845D2D84BB7A setto 0 if TeenOrBelow
(do the same for the head correction slider)


Bug reports
Just keep them coming in.
Also report if it works fine for you.

When you report a bug:
-Please know your main game's patch level
-The Sim-Time of your crash is very interesting. A crash about 1 o'clock at night means that the updater fails, evening would mean that something with the birthadays might be wrong. Any other time and it might not be my fault but who knows
-Since you are not a beginner (this mod is not intended for beginners), you will be familiar with error logs. This mod writes them too. They are in your Documents..Sims3 folder and are only relevant if they contain the word "consort". If they do they might be interesting for me.

I am not aware of technical incompatiblilities
You definitely need to have a recent game patch installed. I recommend 1.42 but 1.38 also works, 1.3x is possibly good.
Not tested with all Expansion Packs
Mods or Cheats that change the age of Sims will confuse the mod or possibly break things.

What can I say? Thank you modding community, all of you. Let's work together!
Special Thanks to Bloom for making the height slider and allowing me to use and redistribute it. His site is here: http://www.bloomsbase.net/
And of course:
The Buzzler, The Inge, Peter Jones, twallan, MDM, nona, a, cmo and you other folks over at the poop chat at Simlogical and the Modding Discussion forum here at MTS

Additional Credits: S3PE by Peter Jones S3OC by Peter Jones
Master Controller by twallan
CmarNYC's Morphing Penis mod