Kaleva Manor-Minimal CC

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Uploaded: 18th Oct 2012 at 5:57 AM
Updated: 19th Oct 2012 at 9:40 PM
While I work on my clothing recoloring skills to bring them up to MTS standards, I thought I'd spend some time on something I'm a little better at and share my latest creation with my fellow simmers. So, I present to you Kaleva Manor, a modern and spacious family home that comes fully furnished and was named for a town in my home state.

With its open floor plan in the main living spaces, a second floor master, two children's rooms (boy and girl) and a teen room suitable for either, en suite baths for each bedroom plus a 3/4 guest bath, a large pool area, and a rec room upstairs, this home has it all! A wraparound porch, full kitchen with all neccessary appliances, dining area with seating for six, two car basement garage, and fishing pond out back complete the luxurious but comfortable surroundings. All neccessary skill building objects are included, but no cars so that you can choose your own. This lot has been play tested for adults and a pet and aside from a few minor annoyances, it worked wonderfully. It has been checked with Clean Installer.

Minor Annoyances/Oddities:

-The bookshelf in the corner of the main floor living area is non-functional, for decoration only. Each bedroom and the rec room has functional bookcases.
-There is a slight amount of clipping when cars use the driveway because of the slope, which is unavoidable. Both driveways are functional.
-Sims will stand in front of the couch to watch TV on the main floor because of the angle of the chairs. If it bothers you, just move the chairs over a nudge.
-Some items (ie: side tables next to sofas, child room beds, piano and easel) have been placed using boolprop snapobjectstogrid false and move_objects on. If you pick them up, they might not go back into their place.
-There's an odd little thing at the back of the garage roof that I couldn't get rid of. It drives me nuts, but hopefully, you won't even notice it.

This home took MANY hours of painstaking work, so I hope you will all enjoy it and find use for it in your neighborhoods. My Chief of Staff and her Education Minister husband are looking forward to raising their family here.

Custom Content Included:

Double Curved Garage Door by Fresh-Prince

Required But Not Included:

Maxis/Matrix Craftsman Window Set with Recolorable Interior & Exterior Frames by tbudgett

Move Over Dhalen Modular Bookcases by leesester

All of these pieces are among my favorite custom content of all time, and I use it all very frequently in my building projects, so I want to say thank you to all the wonderful creators! Please remember to thank them when you download!

More pictures available below. If you find you can use it, please let me know, or just hit the little 'Thanks' button. Enjoy!


Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: $248,358

Additional Credits:
This home would not be possible without the tutorial found here by Khaibit.