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Walls, Floors and Recolours - Do what you like with them, too - just don't upload anywhere as your own. I'd love to see them used in your uploaded lots here on MTS.

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  • Comfortable Craftsman - 2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms - No CC!

    by sarah*rose 2nd Dec 2013 at 4:16am

    I really like Craftsman style columns, so I played around with the half walls that came with Mansion & Garden more...

    +10 packs 15 26.4k 118

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Delightful Dwelling - 3+ Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Family Home - No CC!

    by sarah*rose 22nd Nov 2013 at 7:14pm

    So after what must be a year or so, I've recently gotten back into The Sims 2 and have been more...

    +11 packs 7 13.8k 41

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • 12 Riverside Road

    by sarah*rose 26th Mar 2012 at 3:27pm

    I don't have much imagination when it comes to names. Heh. more...

    +10 packs 11 29.7k 51

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • A Traditional Style Home

    by sarah*rose 21st Mar 2012 at 3:31am

    I built this house ages ago. more...

    +10 packs 17 42.9k 114

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • A Mediterranean Style Duplex

    by sarah*rose 20th Jun 2011 at 6:58pm

    Yes, I know I said I was retiring. Maybe I'm not after all. more...

    +9 packs 10 31.7k 37

    Lots & Housing » Apartments

  • 45 MORE Recolours of Jonesi's Bed Blanket

    by sarah*rose 22nd Apr 2011 at 2:00pm

    Today I bring you 45 more recolours of Jonesi's bed blanket. more...

  • 41 Recolours of Jonesi's Bed Blanket

    by sarah*rose 18th Apr 2011 at 8:45pm

    Yes, I know I said I was retiring from uploading "stuff." I guess I should have said "houses." Oh well. more...

  • 85 Elderberry Drive

    by sarah*rose 19th Nov 2010 at 3:37pm

    This home's features include: Basement: Daylight lit, with access to a small courtyard containing a BBQ, dining table, and more...

    +9 packs 15 26.5k 37

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • 759 Aparagus Avenue - A Green Craftsman Home

    by sarah*rose 17th Nov 2010 at 2:33pm

    This home is great for sims who love indoor activities. It sits comfortably on a compact 2x2 lot. more...

    +10 packs 24 47.7k 87

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Roomy 4+ Bedroom Family Craftsman

    by sarah*rose 29th Oct 2010 at 3:48am

    I was inspired by the facade of a house outside Vancouver, Canada. more...

    +10 packs 18 36.9k 59

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Luxury 3 Bedroom Family Home - no CC!

    by sarah*rose 22nd Oct 2010 at 3:44pm

    This luxury family abode comprises 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living/dining room, 2.5 bathrooms, games room, gym, study, single car garage, and more...

    +9 packs 5 30.2k 26

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • The Cypress - A Luxury Contemporary Residence

    by sarah*rose 14th Jul 2010 at 7:59pm

    This contemporary/luxury/northwest style house is what inspired me to build this home: The Cypress, so named for the large more...

    +10 packs 23 30.1k 54

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Contemporary Ranch - A Roomy 4 Bedroom Home

    by sarah*rose 19th Jun 2010 at 9:23pm

    I loved the look of this house so, I decided to copy it. more...

    +10 packs 17 24.5k 39

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • 3 Bedroom Green Country Style Home

    by sarah*rose 18th Jun 2010 at 6:02pm

    I thought this house was really quaint but I can't really say that I copied it because I ended more...

    +10 packs 27 61.2k 105

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • A Medieval Castle!

    by sarah*rose 11th Apr 2010 at 5:28pm

    Originally I wasn't intending to enter the Medieval Challenge, but something (maybe the Olde English day?) made me decide to more...

    +5 packs 34 71.2k 66

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • 4 Bedroom 'New American' Style Home

    by sarah*rose 3rd Apr 2010 at 9:51pm

    Well, I started out copying this 'New American' style house but first of all, to have a garage facing more...

    +3 packs 23 67.1k 112

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • 5 Recolours of Phoenix Phaerie's Manor House Ivy

    by sarah*rose 28th Mar 2010 at 8:49pm

    Here I have 5 recolours for Phoenix Phaerie's Manor House Ivy ! more...

    23 54.6k 102

    Build Mode » Garden Center

  • 'Autumn Leaves' - A Country Style Home

    by sarah*rose 25th Mar 2010 at 7:49pm

    'Autumn Leaves' is a peaceful country style home surrounded by birch trees--named for both it's autumn theme, and a more...

    +4 packs 16 29.4k 67

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Set of Recolours for Phoenix Phaerie's Modern Georgian Windows & Doors

    by sarah*rose 23rd Mar 2010 at 11:27pm

    Here I have an assortment of recolours for Phoenix Phaerie's Modern Georgian Manor Set . The meshes are not included. more...

  • Old Rustic Farmhouse for 4 Sims - Seasons Not Required!

    by sarah*rose 21st Mar 2010 at 8:27pm

    This rustic farmhouse features... not much. more...

    +3 packs 14 28.8k 54

    Lots & Housing » Residential