The Anywhere Sink

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Uploaded: 18th Mar 2013 at 3:14 AM
Updated: 3rd Sep 2013 at 6:28 PM
My sims. Let me tell you- they are some demanding little pixels. "We want this", "We want that", "This would be cool". Never happy! And since I don't like stompy feet, I give in.

This time it was a sink. What? They have plenty of sinks? Yes, yes they do. But those weren't good enough. MarySue Sim's hubby recently surprised her with a kitchen makeover with a new sink. It's a nice enough sink, but it's so stationary. It HAS to be put here, not there. Not to be outdone, MaryEllen Sim talked her hubby into a makeover and came up with a better idea for a sink:

What's so special about this sink? It's just a sink on a counter. True. But true as that may be, this sink can be put anywhere you might want a sink. Need a sink on a table in the garage? Can do. Need a sink on an island in the kitchen? Can do. Feeling silly and want a sink on a desk in an office? Once again, can do. Why, you can even put a sink on a desk disguised as an island if you'd like!

And it'll still work.

The sink is enabled to be placed on counters, tables and end tables. This means that it will also place on any surface cloned from any of those- even a tall 4 drawer filing cabinet if you'd like. (That was rather funny looking!) It can also be placed on coffee tables (or clones of) and the ground, if you'd really like one on the ground.

What about the animations? Well, the animations are fine on any surface that's table or end table height. They're a bit off on counters (see screenshot), coffee tables, the floor and wayyy off on a 4 drawer filing cabinet!
What if you use "boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true"? The animations are fine (see screenshot).
How about "setquartertileplacement on"? That's where we hit a snag. Snag? What snag? The sink will work with the quartertile cheat as long as you use it with an OMSP. The animations are fine that way, too.

All that said- there may be places the sink won't work. I tried. Narrow shelves seem to be out, as does placing the sink (with cheats) too close to the edge of a surface. Too close? That's hard to judge- if you place it and it won't work, try scooting it back a bit. Other than that, it should work wherever your sims want a sink.

But wait! There's more. If you place the sink on a table in the middle of a room, there are pipes dangling down (see screenshots)! How in the world can you fix that? By using one of the handy-dandy invisible recolors included. There are 4, one for each metal color- using one of those will make the dangly pipes disappear. Each of the sink and metal recolors are separate files so you can delete any that you might not want.

To make a long story even longer, this sink can be placed just about anywhere and still be usable. MaryEllen Sim loves her new sink and will be sure to spread the word! If your sims would like one, it can be found under Plumbing>Sinks for 470 Simleons.

Credit to: TheNinthWave and Karen Lorraine for the suggesting angled and quartertile use. Another pair of eyes, along with the attached minds, if always appreciated.

Polygon Counts:
Sink and faucet: 1438
Each handle: 144
Water: 102

1828 polys total (All Maxis polys!)

Polycount is over the Maxis guidelines of 800 polys per tile.
That said: here are the polycounts of some Maxis sinks for your viewing pleasure - 1443, 1482, 1276, 1327, 1745. So you can see that this sink isn't too far above what Maxis has already given us. Plus it's an awesome sink.

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, SimPE, PhotoShop CS2, Maxis (for the meshes that I folded, spangled and smashed together to make this mesh)