*Playable Harp*

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Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2013 at 2:53 PM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2014 at 9:15 AM
Hello,long time no see...well this sentence gets used quite often by me nowadays(sadly) Anyway this time is because of something good - I present to you all a playable harp!

READ before asking:
*There are two meshes - one working for children only and one for teens/adults/elders
*Both meshes has their own animations and both have 2 colors(black and brown)
*They do not require any EPs or SPs - base game capable(it has been tested)
*Baby harp is for kids(here's is a link for the animation)
*Magic harp is working for the rest of the ages - link for the animation
*Your sims will skill creativity and have fun increasing when using this object
*Cost: BabyHarp - §200, MagicHarp - §2,500, you can find them in Hobbies-Creattive
*Note that there isn't any custom sound - you get the strings from the piano (when you skill your melody will change with it )
*The strings will move when you play and notes will come out of the harp(just some effects i added to make it better)

Big thanks to: NixNivis for the help provided, all of the great creators for their wonderful custom content, Meshy for the support, Whiterider for so kindly testing this for me and finally to Dr Pixel for making his harp and inspiring me to try and make mine .

The videos:

Polygon Counts:
Magic Harp-Fc:636, Vc:984
Baby Harp-Fc:636, Vc:856

Additional Credits:
*The child hair is by Nouk,don't remember the adult hair(i think it was payed)
*Child clothing is by AAS, Adult- by NathanialRoyale
Also the Duke throne can be found at Plumb Bob Keep by Lama (thank you for letting me know)