Jared Louis

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2013 at 7:12 AM
Updated: 29th Jun 2014 at 11:47 PM
Do you believe in happy endings?

As a young child, Jared was interested in writing. It has given him a chance to escape into the worlds he created away from the bulliers who used to make fun of his writings.The characters became his confidants and the pencil became his weapon to fight the bulliers in his fantasy world. One day his teacher saw him sitting alone in the corner of the class crying while writing something, she went to check him and she read the story he was writing and said " You Jared are a writer " he walked home smiling that day and he decided to follow his dream. Years have passed and he became a famous adult writer and he got a Ph.D in Literature so we can call him now doctor Jared. Don't lose hope guys everyone has a unique talent just follow your dream and let the haters be hating.


- The only slider you will need for Jared is Facial cas sliders by bella3lek4 " or HERE

- Face texture replace: Hp's Anti-Puddingface Texture Replacer
- Hair: The Lindy Hop by JS Sims 3
- Eyebrows: E-Eyebrows by Ephemera (Fixed link HERE )
- Eyeshadow: E-MakeupCollection by Ephemera
- Lipstick: Lipbalm (Fixed link) by Ephemera
- Eyes: Oh My Eyes default replacement by escand
- Beard: Facial Hair for males by CreatureFear
- Everyday top: ML Hoodie by Juliana

Gender altering

While I was writing Jared's name I accidentally hit the female button and this beautiful lady appears. If you prefer the female version and want her to look like the picture below just change his gender and download this hair HERE by Elexis


- Jared is an adult not a young adult sim
- I've packaged Jared with EA hair and skin
- His face was sculpted with the use of sliders multiplier only, So you don't need to download it HERE (x3) unless you want to change his face sculpture.

Additional Credits:

A big thanks to monca533, Stepper and Yogi-Tea for helping me in the CFB.