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Salima Aziz

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2013 at 4:28 PM
Updated: 20th Jun 2013 at 4:16 PM - Just realized i didnt link the Everday outfit skirt
Hey everyone i would like to introduce you to my first Sim upload. Her name is Salima Aziz.

Salima Aziz was born and raised in the middle east (Dubai) and decided that she wanted to explore the other side of the world. The only way she could do so was with education, she aims to be the perfect student while at the same time meet friends. Socializing (the few times she engages in it) doesn't always go as planned due to the varying cultures but she still tries. Salima is Muslim and as such never exposes her body to others. She hopes to one day meet someone she loves and have kids before she finishes her studies so she wont have to marry Ishmael -the guy her father has arranged to marry her on her return to Dubai after her studies.

Socially Awkward
Never Nude
Family Oriented
Green Thumb

Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student

This sim is packaged with default skin ( Navetsea Face In Hairy Edition V3- Sim skin page 1 here )

Custom Content Needed for sim to show up properly in game:

Hijab by SkeletalScreams
Beauty Marks by daluved1
Eyes DEFAULT by Let them eat burtn waffles
Sliders by CmarNYC

Everyday outfit: Bottoms All about style

Modern Lover "with a book":- here
Skylar "Simple Model Poses":- here

Additional Thanks to the following for their feeback in the Creative feedback forum: