Kamil Shariq

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2019 at 3:28 PM
Updated: 22nd Sep 2019 at 10:00 PM
Contains one recolour of Maxis content.

Custom Content Required:

Custom Sliders Required:

Optional Custom Content:

All of Kamil's outfits are base game compatible, except for his outerwear, which requires Seasons.
His hair requires Supernatural.

Kamil was born in England, the eldest of two children of Saudi Arabian parents. He's a sports fanatic with the pressures of being hesitant when it comes to romance and relationships. Kalim is also quite easily scared and is reluctant to step into dangerous situations, despite his build saying otherwise.

Age Group: Young Adult
Supernatural Type: Human

Traits: Athletic, Coward, Great Kisser, Handy, Unflirty
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Favourite Food: Spaghetti
Favourite Music: Electronica
Favourite Colour: Red
Voice: 1

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio