Lisa Lynn

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Lisa is known for her sense of humor and a charm that makes her popular among friends and strangers alike. She's a bit of a scaredy-cat, which can lead to some hilariously embarrassing situations, but a well-timed joke at her own expense is all it takes to ensure that everyone will be laughing with Lisa, not at her. Her favorite pastimes include hanging out at the park, the beach, or anywhere outside, for that matter. Lisa could easily spend all day outdoors... just as long as she makes it inside by sundown; scary things come out at night!

CC Used
Note: Some of the links below go to non-English sites. If you're having trouble downloading, see my post in the comments section!

ESkin-Mix ASIA by Ephemera **
Annie.L hair by Kewai-Dou
Oh My Eyes (defaults) by escand
Default Replacement Brows by Simple Life (Optional)

Eyelash Set 1 by S-Club (as accessory - glasses)
Natural Mineral Foundation by Lemonleaf
Eyebag V3 Modified Version by Tifa

Marina Tanktop by Pickypikachu
Gladiator Sandals by Pixicat
Bernadette Dress by Juliana
(Her shorts are from LN, but everything else is base game)

** This sim is packaged with default skin. However, since Ephemera's skin uses a custom tone ramp, her skin color may be slightly off at first; this is fixed once the correct skin is applied in CAS.

Sliders Used
(You don't need these unless you plan to make changes to her face in CAS)

Jawline Width by bella3lek4
Chin Width by gnatgosplat
Eyelash Sliders by S-Club

I used a x2 slider range multiplier, so additionally, you'd need a mod that includes a slider hack such as Awesomemod or Twallan's MasterController.

Additional Credits
Thanks to HystericalParoxysm, lulume, Dragonflysparkles, ameenah.n.y, SimsMatthew, Tigerdyhr, k2m1too for the advice and feedback in CFF, and DOLCE_VIDA for reminding me to upload this!