Serena Nettle

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Uploaded 29th Oct 2013 at 6:37 PM

This poor thing has been sitting in my bin for too long! I originally started a thread in CFF for her back in January, and... never got around to uploading her once she was done, haha. Sorry for the wait!

Don't let that sweet face fool you; Serena is a tough gal with a short fuse. Whether it's due to her temper or an anxiety over settling down, Serena has a history of abruptly changing careers, not to mention leaving a few broken hearts (and some broken noses!) in her wake. However, she does have a softer side when it comes to animals, which is why she became a vegetarian.

Serena is ready for a fresh start in a new town, but will it only be a matter of time before she uproots everything to start over again?

CC Used

Bittersweet skin by Joedy (her tumblr is gone, so you can get it here)*
Diamond Rose hair by Elexis
Big Q Eyes 24 contacts by BrntWaffles
Default Replacement Brows by Simple Life

Freckles Part 1 by Vasilla
Natural Lipcolor by Arisuka

Pure Intuition dress by Anubis
Surfer Girl swimsuit by Elexis
(A couple of her outfits use clothes from LN, but they are easily replaceable)

* This sim is packaged with default skin; you'll need to apply the non-default skin in CAS.

Sliders Used
(You don't need these unless you plan to make changes to her face in CAS)

Jawline Width, Eye Stretch by bella3lek4
CAS Sliders by jonha
Chin Width by gnatgosplat
Forehead Depth by aWT

I used a x2 slider range multiplier, so additionally, you'd need a mod that includes a slider hack such as Awesomemod or Twallan'sMasterController.

Additional Credits
SimmyRN, Aucaria, ameenah.n.y, TheGuySim, roonya, poggles, lenglel for their feedback in CFF. Thank you!