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Uploaded 1st Apr 2014 at 5:50 PM

Here I am, once again!

Bringing natural back with this set of... well... Unibrows
These are non-default replacement, so you won't have to worry about all townies having serious unibrow problems!!!

Tired of having these basic looking, perfect shaped eyebrows? Getting ready for unwaxed, untrimmed eyebrows for all ages and genders!
I personally love to play with 'all-natural' and 'realistic' sims, and we all know there's a lot of people out there with unibrows

I was basically playing around with bodyshop when I got to this 'great' idea of creating some realistic facial items, besides some pimples, eczema and birthmarks, I made these wonderful unibrows, and I really enjoy them in my game so far I figured no one else had made anything like this one, or with the right maxis match quality.

I tried to make the alpha texture as realistic as possible, with little bushy hairy details to give your sims that real unibrow feeling. ...Because they would want that I personally think it turned out pretty well, as it looks like the hair is really growing with thin tufts between the two eyebrows.

As it works for elderly and blonde, it is harder to notice the unibrow for blonde sims, because their hair color is lighter, which makes perfect sense. If you still would like to see it a bit more, choose the brown eyebrows in the mirror in your game. Elders have all the same, mid-gray color unibrows when they grow up.

I hope everyone here likes what I did, and I'd love to hear some feedback! If you need any other 'All-Natural' custom content, write me a PM or a comment in this post, and I might as well work on it

Additional Credits:

Brown Braid: Nouk retextures by Dustfinger @MTS
Brown short hair: Seasons EP
Red Braid: Newsea Bluebird @Newseasims
Black male hair: Base Game content
Blonde male hair: Seasons EP
Grey Elder hair: Willow Hair by Xandher @TSR
Skintones: Basegame / Blend by me (Not available, personal use)

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Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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