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Tiny Treasures, Part lX

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2014 at 2:20 PM
Hello Everyone,

This is the last Tiny Treasures furniture upload for now, there may be more in the future. If you have a specific object or set you would like miniaturized mention it in a comment and we'll see what we can do. Once again this set contains a fully functioning mirror that can be used as a vanity mirror.

Debra & Michelle

Keep an eye out for a collection file as well as 2 special collections coming soon.

These are not all base game compatible - some EP's or SP's required!
*The Centre Entertainment Suite, Stereo & Television need FreeTime. The Grand Piano needs Bon Voyage and the Tushugger needs University.*

Cloned From: 12th Century Song Dynasty Sculpted Vase.

Room Rating: 10.

Found: Buy Mode > Decorative > Sculptures. Price: §101.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. Pic is included in the zip file.

If you like miniature items you may also be interested in 'childish' by lalabubus HERE & HERE.

Polygon Counts:
Astronomically high but reduced wherever possible.

Centre Entertainment Suite = 2807
Computer = 1112
Stereo = 1890
Television = 918

Floor Mirror = 1205
Cheap Desk with Chair = 1147
Cheap Double Bed = 1461
Cheap Single Bed = 888
Crazy 8 End Table = 522
Expensive Double Bed = 7612
Expensive Single Bed = 5127
Grand Piano = 3294
Stonewood Dresser = 990
Teddy Bear Chair = 1372
Tushhugger = 856

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
SilentLucidity for the OMSPs used to place the items in the doll house.