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Tiny Treasures, Part Vl

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Uploaded: 31st May 2014 at 1:26 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2014 at 12:34 PM
Now for the long awaited Miniature Bathrooms and Kitchens.

No home or doll house is complete without a Bathroom and Kitchen, so here they are. The kitchen counters come in sets of 3 with a sink in the center counter. Everything except the Bathtub is slaved to the originals. As a Bonus Michelle has included matching Counter and Cupboard recolours of the Chez Moi Kitchen Counter.

~~ Debra & Michelle ~~

These are base game compatible - no EP's or SP's required!

Cloned From: 12th Century Song Dynasty Sculpted Vase

Room Rating: 10

Found: Buy Mode > Decorative > Sculptures. Price: §101

Files have been compressed and checked in game. Colour chart is included in the zip file.

If you like miniature items you may also be interested in 'childish' by lalabubus HERE & HERE.

Polygon Counts:
Astronomically high but reduced wherever possible.
Colonial Tub = 2704
Pedestal Sink = 1317
Resteze Toilet = 1470
Bathtub = 1930
Cheap Fridge = 766
Cheap Stove = 1137
Colonial Counter (3 counters & 1 Sink) = 3667
Colonial Sink (1 Counter & 1 Sink) = 1898
Expensive Stove = 1020
Kitchen Counter (3 counters & 1 Sink) = 4473
Moderate Fridge = 578
Moderate Stove = 962

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
Also SilentLucidity for the Shiftable OMSPs used to place the miniture objects in the screenshots.