Nordic Names

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2014 at 4:42 PM
Updated: 24th Aug 2014 at 2:47 AM

This is a mod designed with the Aurora Skies world in mind but doesn't require it.
Aurora skies has a Scandinavian theme and many of the Sims the world starts with have Scandinavian style names, so I thought it would be good for new sims to have names used in Scandinavia as well.

Most of the names are names that are common in Norway but there are a few names thrown in from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. (Main source: Statistics Norway)

This won't change the names of any of the existing sims in your game but it will give new sims Scandinavian style names.

This is an override mod which replaces strings in the FullBuild0.package (TGI:220557DA-00000000-000F16B00BA8342F) and will conflict with other name mods, so you can only use one name mod at a time.


Male Names:

Female Names:

How to Install
Simply put the package file into your Packages folder. To uninstall, just delete the package.
Please keep in mind that sims created with this mod running will keep their Scandinavian names after you have uninstalled the mod.

Additional Credits:
chann - For his "stblizer" tool and CSV templates.