Swedish Name List

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2020 at 8:51 PM
Hello! First upload in quite a while, heh

This mod makes your Sims generate with Swedish names. To be more technical: this mod replaces the default name list with a new one with Swedish names on it. NPCs, town Sims, etc. will generate with Swedish names, and you will get Swedish names when you click the dice icon in CAS.

* I'm using "Swedish names" to mean "names that are used in the country of Sweden." Most of them are ethnically and linguistically Swedish names, because (shockingly) Sweden has a large population of Swedes. But Sweden also has (for example) a large Finnish population, so some of the names are Finnish. Just like real life Sweden, your neighbors will mostly be Bjornssons and Johanssons and Anderssons, but there'll also be a handful of Taalonens, Lis, Garcias, etc.

* The first names are all linguistically Swedish, because there's no way to make sure the first name matches the last name with regard to language/ethnicity, and I figured that ethnic minorities in Sweden giving their kids Swedish names would be more likely than ethnic Swedes living in Sweden giving their kids names from random other ethnicities.

* I tried to make the frequency each name is used in the game reflect the frequency that the name appears in real life Sweden -- there will be a lot of Johanssons, quite a bit fewer Lillebacks, for example. That said, I did get bored after awhile, so this isn't as accurate as it could be.

* This mod affects human Sims only, not pets.

* The Sims 3 doesn't like displaying characters like ? so I've replaced them with characters like a.

* I made this for myself because I wanted to learn how to make name mods. I'm probably not going to edit it further unless I've made a REALLY big mistake. Feel free to send suggestions but be aware I probably won't act on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you like my mod

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