Strawberry Shortcake - 2br, 1ba

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2014 at 7:53 PM
Updated: 2nd Dec 2014 at 10:38 PM - Removing the wrong info about the lot prices
The idea of this house came when I moved my legacy family from my Perfect Genetics Challenge to a new (and tiny) world, and decide to move out the grandma (who was vegetarian and was living very far beyond the expected) to give space to new babies, and since she loved pastel colors, mainly pastel pink, I've built this house for her.

This two stories house contains a master bedroom and a bedroom with bunk beds, both connected to the only bathroom of this house, and a tv with a game console on the hallway.

On the first story it contains a large living room, featuring a piano and a fireplace, a medium-sized kitchen with a table for 4 sims, and a laundry.
The yard there's a barbeque and a place for dining, a space for gardening with few plants, a telescope and a easel.

Technical Info:

Furnished: 83.528
Unfurnished: 35.193

Size: 20x20

Built with 1.57 patch.

Custom Content used (not included):

- Shelf Clutter by cmomoney;
- Livingroom Clutter by Lemoncandy;
- Lace Trim Tablecloth by LilyOfTheValley;

Required: OMSP by granthes, used to place some deco items above sheves and the dresser.
Recomended: Remove Deco mod by velocitygrass, used to remove the stencils in the counters and in the wardrobe. If you don't have this mod on your game, the stencils will get shown back if you CASt these items.

About EPs and SPs content used:
Only deco itens from Master Suite Stuff were used in this house, and only the piano and few clutter from Late Night.

This lot is sim-tested, and checked with Custard.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the creators of the CC used in this lot;
and to Armiel for Builder's Island.