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Supernatural Strappy Shoes Edit

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2017 at 8:47 PM
Let's say that I was making a sim, noticed that those strappy shoes from Supernatural was fine for her, but they would be perfect for her if they didn't have those straps...

So, I edited the main texture to remove those straps, and after having quite a hard time editing the channels to make it use only 2 channels, here they are

(and I'd want to apologize for the bad pics, my GPU sucks, I'm sure they'll look better in your game )

Technical info:

- It has 2 recolorable channels (the original has four): the main part of the shoes, and the lace;
- For Females; Teens and Young Adult/Adult females (separated files for each age);
- Categories: Everyday, Formal, Valid for Random.
- Has 3 recolour presets that are quite similar to the original ones, so I didn't take any pics from those;
- This is not a default replacement, you can have this edit and the original one at the same time, and you don't need to have Supernatural installed for this to work (I tried to make a default version for those who prefer it, but I didn't get to do it).

Known Issues:

In the CAS catalog the shoes appear to be all white/grey, you just need to CASt it (or select a preset while on CASt) to get the colors showing up properly. The presest you save will also be shown properly.

CC Credits:
- Pose by Elexis
- Skin by LadyFrontbum

Additional Credits:
S3PE, S3OC, CTU, Photoshop