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Sweetheart Brow

2,421 Downloads 52 Thanks  Thanks 15 Favourited 8,374 Views
Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2015 at 10:44 PM
The Sweetheart Brow is for those sims looking for that cutesie, too-sweet-for-you look. The darling factor on this classic is as high as the arch. Granted, it's a bit thin where it counts, but it just adds to the whole. Next time you're in the market for the not-so-perfect, but perfectly imperfect brow, be a sweetheart and get the sweetheart brow! :D

This brow was brought to you by CTU and countless hours of rigorous hair-tearing. I really hope you like.

If you could leave a thanks and/or a comment, they always brighten my day! :D

Additional Credits:
Delphy for CTU