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The Cutie Toddler Brow

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2009 at 2:51 PM
Next stop on my Say No to Fug campaign is the toddler eyebrows. The default EA brows are simply horrible and EA knows it. So to remedy said fugliness, I created a "normal" looking eyebrow to enhance your toddlers cuteness

The Cutie brow is unisex so all your little darlings can use them. They're not bushy and caterpillar-esque. Instead they're smaller, uneven and a tad bit unruly like normal toddler eyebrows should be...once again, I don't know what EA was referencing from but two large ovals for brows is not natural.

You may upload these with your sims, albeit not many toddler sims are uploaded....just remember no exchange/paysites

Additional Credits: CTU v1.9

Cherub Curly Hair - HystericalParoxysm
Female Toddler Dress - Around the Sims
Ponytail - Peggy Sims (free)
Mom's Outfit - Stylist Sims
Hoop Earrings - magnemoe (MTS)
Skin/Face - HystericalParoxysm
Eyes - aikea guinea (MTS)

All other Accessories by me :D