Party Anywhere

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2015 at 4:35 PM
Updated: 17th Aug 2022 at 12:49 PM
Update: 04/14/2021
  • Fixed the issue that social events planned in advance using the calendar could get the lot not available message when the event starts.

Update: 01/19/2020
  • Lots are now sorted by lot type. Lots of the same type are now sorted alphabetically by lot name. The only exceptions are the current active lot and the active household's home lot, as these two lots will always be listed at the top.

Update: 01/16/2020
  • Updated for game version 1.60.54 (Jan. 16 patch).

Update: 11/16/2018
  • Updated for game version 1.47.49 (Nov. 13 patch).

Update: 08/25/2017
  • Updated to support toddler play dates.

This mod allows you to throw parties at any lots in TS4. For example, this includes:

Lots of any venue type (including any custom venue types you have)
Residential lots owned by Sims that are not part of the party
Career lots (Willow Creek Hospital, Police Station, FutureSim Labs, Plumbob Pictures)
Hidden lots (Sylvan Glades, Forgotten Grotto, Hermit's House, Sixam, Omiscan Temple)

The mod works for all party types.
Note that in order to throw a party in a vacation world, you need to be already in that world first.

To install, unzip the file and place both the .package file and .ts4script in your mods folder.
Script mods need to be enabled for it to work.

This mod modifies the get_possible_zone_ids_for_situation function in situations.situation.Situation and will conflict with other mods that also modify this function.
This mod also edits the following resource and will conflict with other mods that also override this resource.


Additional Credits:
XML Extractor for The Sims 4