Werewolf Face Set

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2016 at 2:01 AM
Updated: 6th Oct 2017 at 12:48 AM
This set includes an accessory and makeup designed to be used in conjunction with facial sliders to achieve a wolf-like snout. They work for Teen-Elder, male and female. The accessory teeth can be found under the glasses category, and the face makeup can be found in the lipstick category. There is also an optional version of the teeth that are categorized as facial hair.

The teeth do not recolor, but the makeup has four recoloring channels: the fur, the nose, the inside of the mouth, and the inside of the ears.

On a normal sim face, the teeth stick out in front of their face, and the makeup does not appear to fit properly. This is because the wolf muzzle shape is made using sliders. For an idea of how this was achieved, there is a tutorial that was created for Zach’s Anthro Skins that serves as a good starting point. Mostly though, to get the face shape right you'll have to experiment.
I have now uploaded a werewolf sim using this face set here.

Custom Content in Pictures:

Lycan Eyes by Moonskin93

Khajiit's Skin by Moonskin93

Scar by i-like-teh-sims

Nose sliders, Eyeball sliders and Eyeball Mesh by aWTmk

Ear Height slider by Sage

Polygon Counts:
The teeth can only be seen from close up, and so only use the highest levels of detail.

Additional Credits:
Meshing Toolkit by CmarNYC

Delphy's Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extractor

MasterController by Twallan