Zeiwu Zeruik, Alien Mastermind

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2014 at 7:07 PM · Updated 23rd Jan 2017 at 5:09 AM by Camkitty

Zeiwu Zeruik is an alien from an unknown, distant planet. His original mission on earth was to research its inhabitants, and to trade knowledge between the two cultures. However, Zeiwu's intelligence far outstrips that of any human on earth, and he sure knows it. Now, rather than using his knowledge to benefit all of earth, instead, he plots to take over the entire planet. It's him against the world, and Zeiwu intends to win.

  • Genius
  • Computer Whiz
  • Evil
  • Eccentric
  • Snob
Lifetime Wish:
  • Emperor of Evil
  • Young Adult
  • Color: Grey
  • Food: Lobster Thermidor
  • Music: Digitunes

*This sim's face is made using MasterController to increase the slider limit, so if you try to edit his face without increasing the slider range the sliders will snap back to the default range*
Recommended Expansions
  • Ambitions (Eccentric Trait)
  • Into the Future (Almost all of his clothing)
  • Seasons* (Outerwear)
*For compatibility I set his alien DNA percentage to zero, but if you have Seasons and want him to be counted as an alien, you can use MasterController to make him an alien by clicking on him and going to Nraas>MasterController>Intermediate>Alien DNA Percentage and setting it to 100

*This Sim is packed with Default Skin! You must download the skin and re-apply it to the sim in Create-A-Sim!*

Custom Content
Additional Credits:
Pose Player by cmomoney
MasterController by Twallan
Superhero pose pack by foreverhailey

Tags: #alien, #sci-fi, #evil, #science-fiction, #mastermind