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MLB Player T-Shirts

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2016 at 3:04 AM
Included in this set of T-shirts is one player shirt for each of the 30 MLB teams. All shirt designs are based on the shirts that are made by Majestic and are sold in the official online shop of each team.

All of the shirts are available for YA/A males in the everyday, sleep, and athletic categories. There is just one recolourable channel.

AL East
Toronto Blue Jays - Jose Bautista
New York Yankees - Dellin Betances
Boston Red Sox - David Ortiz
Baltimore Orioles - Chris Davis
Tampa Bay Rays - Evan Longoria

AL Central
Detroit Tigers - Miguel Cabrera
Chicago White Sox - Chris Sale
Cleveland Indians - Jason Kipnis
Kansas City Royals - Eric Hosmer
Minnesota Twins - Joe Mauer

AL West
Los Angeles Angels - Mike Trout
Texas Rangers - Adrian Beltre
Oakland Athletics - Sonny Gray
Houston Astros - Carlos Correa
Seattle Mariners - Felix Hernandez

NL East
Washington Nationals - Bryce Harper
Atlanta Braves - Freddie Freeman
Philadelphia Phillies - Ryan Howard
New York Mets - Noah Syndergaard
Miami Marlins - Giancarlo Stanton

NL Central
Milwaukee Brewers - Ryan Braun
Cincinnati Reds - Joey Votto
St. Louis Cardinals - Adam Wainwright
Chicago Cubs - Jake Arrieta
Pittsburgh Pirates - Andrew McCutchen

NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers - Clayton Kershaw
San Francisco Giants - Madison Bumgarner
San Diego Padres - Matt Kemp
Colorado Rockies - Nolan Arenado
Arizona Diamondbacks - Paul Goldschmidt

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