215 Sim Lane

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2016 at 12:32 AM
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  • Pictures 1-4 are of both the Pleasant and Davis Versions
  • Pictures 5-12 are of the Pleasant Version
  • Pictures 13-21 are of the Davis Version
  • Pictures 22-24 are of the Unfurnished Version

I decided to start a new game in Windenburg and needed a house that fit in with the town. I tried to build a nice tudor-style house but 1. I just couldn't make it look right, and 2. I really didn't feel like building one in the first place. Then I remembered that 215 Sim Lane from The Sims 2 (my favorite house in Pleasantview) can be built using the new exterior items that come in Get Together! So I decided to build it for The Sims 4!

Originally this house was supposed to feature only original items for my Davis Family, but then I thought it would be kind of unfair to build the iconic house and not include a Sims 2-esque version as well. So that's what I did! As a result there are three versions available! You can find a Pleasant Version, which is built as accurately as possible to the original Sims 2 house; a Davis Version, which reflects the style of my family I have living here; and an Unfurnished Version, which is exactly what the title suggests. The Pleasant and Davis versions both require Get Together, but the unfurnished version is completely base game only. The Pleasant version interior is base game only, but the exterior is almost all from Get Together. The Davis version uses Get Together moderately on the interior and heavily on the exterior. Besides that one expansion, all three versions contain NO CC.

The differences between the Pleasant and Davis versions include the furnishings, and a slightly modified floor plan in the Davis version. On the first floor of the Davis version a small office has been added. On the second floor, the bedroom on the right has been enlarged, the bathroom has been slightly downsized, and a wall or two has changed position in bedroom on the left. The master bathroom also has new counter tops and is very slightly rearranged.

The unfurnished version has the "Pleasant" floor plan. The yard in all three versions remains the exact same.

The Davis family can be found on the gallery by searching for "Davis" by DillynJames.

Three bedrooms
Two and a half bathrooms (one en-suite)
Kitchen with breakfast bar
Dining room
Office (Davis version)
Small living room
Large, landscaped yard
Private pool

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 150854
Lot Price (unfurnished): 58854