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Compost Heap - Non- Default.

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2016 at 8:39 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2022 at 3:02 PM
Some time ago, I uploaded a compost heap as a default replacement for the Eaxi's compost bin. I got some comments that people would prefer a non-default version, so they could choose on a lot by lot basis which one they used. That was beyond my ability at the time, as it involved modding BHAVs.

However, following extensive study and quite a bit of trial by error, I am pleased to present my non- default compost heap and its associated garden plot mod! The mod is required to make the garden plot look for compost (and use compost) from the heap in addition to the bin.

You can have both compost heaps and compost bins on the same lot. In this case, the garden plots will take compost from the bins first, and switch over to the heaps when the bins are empty.

I have uploaded two versions of the compost heap + mod combo. The Free Time version (FT) raises hobby enthusiasm for Nature, as well as earning gardening badges. You need at minimum Seasons + Free Time to use this. The standard version requires Seasons only. Both versions have been tested in my game (all EPs/SPs). As AGS won't work on my Windows 10 computer, I haven't been able to test it in other game configurations, sorry.

The compost heaps have the same GUID and will overwrite each other. They cost $50 (compared to $150 for the bin) and are found in Garden Center/Gardening in build mode.

PLEASE NOTE: The bins will make compost quite happily without the mod. However, to use the compost you definitely need the mod as well!

Major update 5 January 2022

I have completely reworked this mod, and following a suggestion from HugeLunatic, it now looks for compost bins by category, rather than by GUID. This means that the mod can be used to enable fertilisation from all custom compost bins, not just my heap. This requires a single alteration to a single BHAV in the custom compost heap or bin, which I have detailed in the attached notes. I tested this with this bin from TSR https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/724972 and it worked with no errors.

If you want to use the new version of the mod, you also need the new version of the compost heap to go with it. Also, I will be uploading modified garden plots for my Pumpkin Patch and GrowYourGreens uploads that are compatible with the new version of the mod.

N.B. I have briefly tested this with Freetime disabled, using LazyDuchess' Sims2RPC launcher and it seems to work without throwing any errors, so I don't think a separate Seasons only version is needed.

End of Edit

Polygon Counts:
CompostheapND 536 vertices.
CompostheapNDFT 536 vertices

EDITED 21.10.17 Garden plot mods re-uploaded to correct a looping error when no compost was available. PLEASE RE DOWNLOAD.

Additional Credits:
My grateful thanks to Echo for her tutorials on BHAV modding.
Also to Celebkiriedhel for her tutorial on object modding found here
Also to the maker of the MJ custom garden plot, which proved to me that it could be cloned. I think this was Wintermuteai1
Also of course to the makers of Simpe.
Lastly, to Cher Moutarde, who gained a gold gardening badge helping me to test this.