Medieval Merchant House

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2017 at 5:38 AM
Updated: 26th Feb 2017 at 2:33 AM
This house was built for The Medieval Charter Challenge (MCC) by vllygrl. there are two versions,one more sparsely decorated to be in accordance with the rules for MCC and one slightly more decorated in case you do not play the MCC. There is minimal landscaping in the MCC version. This is to keep the price down for the MCC rules. The more decorated version has some landscaping, rugs and a furnished top floor.

The house was built in a newly generated game that has never had any playable sims. (I have bugfixes in this game, such as no sims loaded and smarter EP check and some more. Although I'm not sure they are necessary to keep lots "clean" in a game that has never been played).

The outside of the house is very much inspired by Arborwatch that you can buy in Chorrol in Oblivion.

According to the MCC challenge there should be a foundation and two levels with three rooms at each level. There is, however, no foundation and three levels instead of two in this house. But the price is approximately correct for a merchant house in the MCC (should be 35 000) and so is the lot size, the total number of rooms and the furnishing. The top floor has not been furnished in the MCC version but once your merchants have enough money they might want to decorate also the third floor for a growing family, generation living or servants. In the more decorated version there is a small furnished room at the top floor. There is enough space for a driveway and a garage (stable) in case your sims will be able to afford a car (horse). Interior pictures were taken with PacMani’s camera mod

You will need to keep the sofa from the Medieval wood set by Raynuss for the other items in the Medieval wood set to show up correctly.

There are CC included that have not been used in the lots but are required for recolors to show up.
  • Master mesh from Buggy Booz’s Nooks and Niches sets (needed for the stairs and arches under stairs to show up correctly)
  • Chimney1 by Sunni at PBK is needed for the chimney recolor to show up

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished) for the MCC version: 35661
Lot Price (furnished) for the more decorated version: 41803
Custom Content Included:
- Medieval toilet and sink by Tarox, site no longer available
- BB Nook Under Stair Arch by Buggy Booz
- BB NOOK Open Staircase THREE by Buggy Booz
- Recolor of Buggy Booz Nooks and Niches set by Almighty hat
- JustaMedievalDoor by Sunni at PBK
- Deco chimney by Sunni at PBK
- Kitchen Hearth Stove by Sunni at PBK
- Snack closet by Sunni at PBK
- Chamber pot by sunni9676
- Noble Dark Wood Royal Panel Plain by Sunni9676
- Rounded Castle Door by Lethe_s of the The Guild Masters
- Recycled boards from genuine shacks all around the world by Lethe_s
- Golden Brown Thatch by Red Sonja
- Cypress Based Shrub by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- RDN-WoodSpiralStairs left by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Sofa by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Single Bed by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Dining Table 2x1 by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Double Bed by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood End Table by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Double Bed Canopy by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood dining chair by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Armchair by Raynuss at Imaging that
- RDN Medieval Wood Clothing Chest by Raynuss at Imaging that
- Waterfall Matching Rocks by marvine
- Country stonewall by Lady Lama
- Cottage Window by Lady Lama
- Period Bath Tub for Pets EP by Lady Lama
- Pelt rugs by Magick Modders
- 2x3 and 3x4 Floor Rug meshes by Windkeeper and Echo
- Medieval wall banner by tiggerypum
- Wallbanner meshes by Lethe_s
- Deco fires by Wiccandove
- End Table Shiftable OMSP by Silent Lucidity (used to place the deco fire in the stove)
- TSM Barrel Chest (wardrobe) by NixNivis
- Modest Medieval Desk by Huge Lunatic
- Book case by Kativip
- Medieval Counter A Master by motherof70 at PBK
- Athelyna Trash can by Maylin
- Athelyna Cradle by Maylin
- Athelyna Changing table by Maylin
- Castle (doll house) by Maylin
- Athelyna Toy Chest by Maylin
- Wooden Xylophone by Maylin
- Outhouse by Dr. Pixel
- UK1967 Medieval Column 2 by UK1967