Stretch Marks

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The basics:
I hand drew these marks using photo's of real stretch marks as a guide. So they are as realistic as I knew how to get them.
They aren't beautiful. They aren't supposed to be. Or maybe they are, it really depends on how you, the player, see them.
Many of us women see ours as love marks.
They are supposed to be shocking. They are supposed to look the way they look. Real women deal with them everyday and everytime they look in the mirror. I did these that way on purpose.
I liked the idea of using them in story telling. Maybe my beautiful, sim on the way to the runway was derailed by a teen pregnancy that left a permanent mark on her body. Or my mother of 5 went on a beautiful weight loss journey. It's your game - you tell me the story!

Different skin tones or overlays will produce different appearances. I made these for a light skin tone and in the photo's, you will see they did show up fine on Praline's slider overlay. Also depending on the style of top selected, your breast stretch marks may show more or less.
For dark skin tones - When I was looking at various coloring/marks on Internet I know some of them can look pale pink so I'd advise the 1st color which is options 1-9 for those skin tones. Just be aware they do stand out on darker skin tones as pink marks. There are of course several colors and varieties for darker skin tone marks in real life and I may someday go ahead and give these another coloring for that need in game.

Where To Find: Upper Chest Tattoo's

What You Get (Everything is photographed but there are some options I will break down for you)
Option 1 is Tummy only. I gave you both angles of that stomach.
Option 2 is Breast and Tummy. You can see them in the lace set, sitting down zooms in.
Option 3 is Breast, Tummy, and Thigh. You can see them in both lace set photograph's.
Option 4 is Breast, Tummy, Thigh, and Bottom. You can see a close up of the bottom.
Option 5 is Breast Only
Option 6 is Thigh Only
Option 7 is Bottom Only
Option 8 is very light. I zoomed in on them in the light. You can just barely see a very faint line, they won't photograph any better than that because I did them very light on purpose. Real women have varying degrees and I wanted the faint scars to be there but not obvious.
Option 9 is a different Stomach pattern that included the thighs. Again, every human's story is different so their marks should be unique.
Darker Color (seen in CAS photo's - you can see the full view of 1, 8, 9 still and the thigh modification option for 1 the rest are individual break down's of the same tattoo's so you can mix & match what area's you want the stretch marks)
Option 10 is same as 1
Option 11 is same as 2
Option 12 is same as 3
Option 13 is same as 3 with a slight modification on thigh you can see in the CAS photos
Option 14 is same as 4
Option 15 is same as 5
Option 16 is same as 6
Option 17 is same as 6 with the thigh modification
Option 18 is same as 7
Option 19 is same as 8 - this one does show up much more with the darker color
Option 20 is same as 9