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Nouk's Winter Hat Retexture

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Uploaded: 19th May 2017 at 1:01 AM
Does your sim make cosplay of Jayne Cobb or does he/she simply want to protect the hair in the snow? It's business and pleasure: hand in hand!

I always liked Nouk's Winter Hat hair, but, in my game, i've only used Simgaroop's color; and as I've always been a fan of Firefly series (and Jayne Cobb, of course!), so I got Bedwyr's idea, and I mixed his hat retexture with LilyT's hair retexture.
All credits go to them!
You'll have two folders: one for the males and another one for females. Mesh included.

- Male and female;
- 4 natural colors + gray color on the black hair;
- All ages;
- Binned, family linked and compressed;
- Affect chemistry as a hat;
- Disabled for townies.

Don't you know who is Jayne Cobb? It's just a mercenary who's not ashamed to wear the hat made by her mother. :lovestruc

Polygon Counts:
Vertices: 1669 Triangles: 2116 per age.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to:
- Nouk, for the original hair and the mesh policy;
- Jessy, by converting the mesh FtoM and by the mesh policy;
- Bedwyr, for the idea of making Jayne Cobb's hair;
- Simgaroop, for the hair colors;
- LilyT, by the hair retexture;
- And to CatOfEvilGenius, by the Easy Hair Binner.