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Uploaded 20th Jun 2017 at 10:51 PM · Updated 5th Jul 2017 at 3:28 PM by krizz.88

Hello again

I have been working on the option to have an additional host in the game. This was not easy, but i came up with an option I hope you all will like


This mod uses the default (additional waiter 2 perk)

If you have already bought this perk in the game, u will not be able to get more.
U can't undo bought perks, so you will have to start a new game, for this to work.

What i have done is to make the perk now have 2 rewards.
So when you have the 900 to unlock this perk (i used 1500 as you can see in the picture, but changed it to 900) you now get an additional host along with the additional waiter.

Choose between 2 different downloads
Additional Waiter & Host (cost 900 to unlock)
Additional Waite r& Host Free (cost 0 to unlock usefull if you use a free restaurant perk mod)

It's been tested with my other mod's and didn't experience any problems.
Would be wise not to use it with other mods that uses following xml files:

Additional Waiter & host

Important 4 Staff

The default option in the game is 1 host. So if you delete this mod. You will have no option to hire a host.
To fix this i used lindseyy's Host fix script
And it went back to normal with the option to hire only 1 host as in the default option.

Since lindseyy is the one who made the script, you will have to download that from her site.

Sims 4 Studio

Also BIG thanks to Snugglypoo4 for translating to german

Updated with latest patch

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