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More realistic restaurant

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2017 at 4:20 PM
Updated: 5th Jul 2017 at 4:57 PM - Bug fix
Bug fix 5/7-17 - If you fired an employee, you couldn't hire new ones, this is now fixed

Hello again

So im now finished with my second mod. This is one i really like.
This mod has multiple changes in it.

Why did i make this?

Well many reasons.
1. I didnt like that customers came at all time of day and night. usually a restaurant closes at around 23/24
2. When u run the restaurant from home as a owner, u make way to little money
3. Here in norway in a nice restaurant the price for a main course can be around 200,- to 400,- NOK. (around 23 - 47 USD) on a nice restaurant, so the default price in the game, i didn't find it realistic enough
4. I HATED the fact that food no matter what came out as poor or normal.

What does this mod?

1. Customers arrive at around 6am and bigger crowds arrive at 6pm
2. I have added a picture that show profit from 12 hours of running restaurant from home. I made quite good money. But customers dont arrive from until around 10. so don't open until arround 11
3. As you can see in one of the picture, the price for a meal in a restaurant you don't own is now alot more expensive, but hey this makes it more fun, doesn't it?
4. I have seen alot of complaints about food even with full trained chef, and fresh organic ingredients still come out as poor or normal.
but no more, the food will now be outstanding if your chef is skilled enough for the food he makes, use fresh organic ingredients and also make the chef work carefully

1. Host will work better
2. One waiter can now have 7 tables, not the original 5
3. 400 - 500% markup in restaurant
4. No need for sink or trash to empty food

Packages can be used separately or all together. Your choice

I try my mods without other mods on. So i don't know if it will conflict with other mods.
Would be wise not to use it with other script mods that uses following xml files:





Sims 4 Studio

Works with