Toddler Piano

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2017 at 3:55 AM
Updated: 14th Oct 2017 at 1:39 AM
Just a quick note, figured out and tested the in use thing. Now it doesn't take forever to reset after no longer being in use


I am so sorry guys, please don't hate me
@dairyprince noticed it had a problem with two toddlers. It was a quick fix and yes, I DID have an in use check in place in the test bhav, AND the main bhav as well, what I didn't have is a set flag set to say it was in use.

Soooo I updated it. I will check that always from now on, not assume my in use check is good enough!

Update number 1's info:

I noticed a slight clipping with the bench while looking at a picture of the toddler on the bench, so went ahead and fixed the slight clipping issue. If it bothers you, please redownload

When the performing arts theme was voted in, I quickly decided that it was a good time to make the toddler piano I had been contemplating making. After some trial and error, I decided it would be best to use a custom animation instead of an EA one. (due to the misfortune of the perfect animation having temper tantrum sounds tied to it )

This piano raises both creativity skill, music and dance enthusiasm, and fun. Toddlers will stop using it when needs drop too low. Plus, as their creativity skills rise, they will go from playing xylophone type sounds to real nursery rhyme style songs. (Mary Had a Little Lamb and London Bridge to be precise.)

Unfortunately there were mapping issues with the original piano, that didn't quite suit recoloring said piano to suit a toddler's preferred style. Add to that fact that it was a little higher poly for a one tile object, due to being the EA base game piano mesh resized down, Jones kindly volunteered to help with that little issue and create a new one that was mapped to allow far greater styles of recoloring that more suited a toddler. She and I then went around and worked hard to create new recolors that would show this off to the greatest advantage.

Soooo gdayars and Jones became a team, and TotsInc was born.

Now to some basic facts.

Toddlers alone can use this piano.

It is cloned from the original potty chair, and costs 70 dollars. It is found in the general/child section of the buy catalog.

Because it is cloned from the original potty chair, it actually shows the BACK of the piano instead of the front. The tiny pink thumbnail picture shows what it looks like in game. (it actually should be yellow and blue, but for some reason my game created that color first, I think because it is the first recolor I pulled out of the catalog?)

It has to be against a wall.

It requires all the packs. It might work with just through Apartment Life installed, but it doesn't work with just through Freetime. My friend Gummi tested that for me.

As far as I know, as long as you have all the packs, this shouldn't conflict with anything. It is a modded object, but it is a standalone modded object.

It does have 3 songs included with it, that have to be in the downloads folder with the piano package itself for the piano to work. gdaxylophone, gdamaryhadalittlelamb, and London Bridge are the three packages included.

The following custom content was used in the making of this piano or in it's recolors.

First the songs:

as per agreement: Singing Bell as per agreement, creating a link. (the sound is the wooden xylophone accent and no, I can't link to the sound directly, it gives me an error)

Next the items used in the recolors.

Their agreement for easy reference:

All other textures used were either created by EA (the checkered flag design) created by Jones or created by me (gdayars) in particular, the small flowers on the flowers piano, the stripes on the base one, and the wooden texture were created by me.

Polygon Counts:
Poly count: This has two mesh groups in the one object.

Piano: Face count 514 and Vertex count is 866
Bench: Face count 20 and Vertex count is 20

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Gummi, Heaven, and MSD for various advice, and Jo, King Deadly, Ellu, and Jules for testing. (and more advice)

Thanks to the creators of SimPE and CEP And a really big THANK YOU to Jones for creating the new piano mesh and for forming a new team with me to help make our dreams come true