A Flowery Paint Palette

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With the City Life pack Sims were given the ability to create chalk paintings on city sidewalks.

Hey EA, why only Sims? How about us folks?

Wouldn't it be great if you could do some floor painting of your own?
Just think of the possibilities. You could bathe every inch of terrain in designs of your own making!
Spooky, flowery, colorful or even silly designs.
All you would need is the right terrain paint set. One with lots of color choices and a texture that speaks of the outdoors.

Flower paints offer a sixteen color palette with every hue created from thousands of tiny flowers.
Take a close look and see for yourself how miniature flowers placed ever so closely form swaths of brilliant color.

Now go out there and paint the town red or blue or pink or ...

Well, you get the point.

Note: Instruction to help you get started as well as sample projects, are included with the pictures above. To make the dance floor design you will need Invisible Dance Floors by Bakie here at MTS. You can find them at:


Sims 4 Studio
Gimp 2
Maxis mesh by EA
Flower design by EA
Edits and recolors by me.