Socialization is Fun!

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2017 at 11:20 AM
Updated: 4th Nov 2021 at 1:03 AM - Patch Update 11/17/20
These used to be with my vampire mod but as the vampire mod got larger and changed into more than just having fun it just didn't seem like these fit with that anymore since they really didn't haven't anything to do with it.

If you would like my Vampire Death & More Mod you can find it HERE

Works with patch: 11/2/21 <-- Changes needed

PANDORA SIMS stole one of my mods! Please read spoiler to see what you can do!

I don't mind if you make changes to any of these files in any of my mods as long as it is PERSONAL USE ONLY
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Updates 11/3/21<--Keep updated with mod changes
Always remove old files before adding new!

I created this mod because it really bothered me how the sims don't seem to find it fun to socialize with other sims including dates. So I decided to take a few interactions from each of the catagories and let them get some fun gain in their needs bar. So now if you use some of the interactions in these flavors you will get some fun in Friendly, Romance, Babies, Computers, and Phones. I have them broken up into Flavors that way you can pick and choose. These can be mixed and matched with no conflicts.

There is also an Add-On called Fun Motive Gain Increase that will give even more fun to your sims!

See each Spoiler for details:

Phones are Fun!

Computers Are Fun!

Friendly Socialization is Fun!

Romance is Fun!

Babies are Fun!

All in One

Fun Motive Gain Increase 15

Thank you for all of your support!


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