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Vampire Sun Immunity

55,691 Downloads 342 Thanks  Thanks 89 Favourited 94,522 Views
Uploaded: 25th Jun 2018 at 4:02 AM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2020 at 7:32 PM - Game Patch
Compatible with June '20 game patch

Updated for Nov '19 game patch v3

Compatible with June '19 game patch

11.13.18 - Updated for Get Famous v2

As requested, I made a quick mod that will give your vampire immunity from the sun at all times. I know there are other mods that do this but I guess they might be outdated now idk. Either way, if you are having trouble with any others you can try this one.

I modified OccultVampire_Manifested trait so it gives you the sunlight resistance perk buff automatically and disabled the sunlight buffs.

This mod uses the following resources and may conflict with other mods that use them:

Something to note, the first attempt at making this worked perfectly in my vanilla game but didn't work when I put it in my main game with all the other mods. Maybe there is another mod ppl have that is causing other sunlight resistant mods not to work. Idk what it could be but I tried a few different things and got this to work in my main game so hopefully it works in yours too if you are having trouble.