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  • Autonomous Animal Breeding

    by Szemoka 2nd Feb 2024 at 9:12am

    I got some ideas from the Wild Grass lot challenge of EP14. more...

    +1 packs 4 4.9k 9

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Werewolf Calm Down Fury

    by Szemoka 26th Jan 2024 at 7:06am

    A new werewolf has recently joined my sim household, but the werewolf gameplay seems a bit difficult to me. Description: This mod more...

    +1 packs 2 1.9k 8

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Improving Skills After Horse Competitions

    by Szemoka 12th Jan 2024 at 3:05am

    Description: When you do something seriously, you do it thoughtfully. Now participating in horse competitions will improve the skills of your sims more...

    +1 packs 1 2.1k 6

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Burn Scars

    by Szemoka 7th Jan 2024 at 8:14am

    Description: If a sim is on fire and gets singed, take a shower, and they'll be fine. This mod makes the burns more...

    6 3.1k 6

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Imaginary Friend

    by Szemoka 22nd Dec 2023 at 4:29am

    Description: With this mod, your sims can turn their favourite stuffed animal into a sim. If you have EP04 Cats & Dogs more...

    15 7.3k 21

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Try to End WooHoo Partnership

    by Szemoka 4th Sep 2023 at 1:14pm

    Description: If you're having a hard time finding who your Sim's woohoo partner is, or if you've forgotten, this mod adds more...

  • Instant Upgrade Objects

    by Szemoka 2nd Apr 2023 at 8:43am , updated 9th Dec 2023 at 1:09am

    Description: This mod adds an 'Instant Upgrade' interaction, and you can instantly upgrade the objects can be upgraded. InstantUpgradeObjects - You must have more...

  • Show Hidden Adoption Relationship

    by Szemoka 2nd Apr 2023 at 8:30am

    Description: This is a simple mod to makes the adoptive parent-adopted child relationship visible. Requirements: This mod has been tested with game version more...

    8 17.8k 51

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Vampire Drink Tasty Sim Mark

    by Szemoka 1st Dec 2022 at 1:03pm , updated 16th Oct 2023 at 3:54am

    Description: Sometimes I may forget whose plasma my vampire sims like. This mod adds a relationship bit as a mark. more...

    +1 packs 2 12k 44

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Premade Sim Relationships Fix

    by Szemoka 12th Nov 2022 at 3:45am , updated 7th Dec 2023 at 5:01am

    Premade Sim Relationships Fix Description: Hey, have you read the stories of the NPCs? more...

    15 33.9k 94

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Unlock CAS Items

    by Szemoka 12th Nov 2022 at 3:30am , updated 22nd Dec 2023 at 7:43am

    Description: This mod can unlock CAS items such as hats, clothing, etc. It works in the same way as buying clothing at more...

    14 44.1k 76

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Refresh Wants and Fears

    by Szemoka 18th Sep 2022 at 10:22am , updated 21st Oct 2022 at 4:29am

    Description: The new Wants and Fears are very different from the previous Whims. This mod makes you can at least randomise the more...

    14 18.5k 47

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Create Trendi Fashion Look Online

    by Szemoka 5th Aug 2022 at 7:35am

    Description: Now Trendi offers a Fashion Look Design Service Online! Your Sims can use it on their mobile phone. more...

  • Slower Meteorite Fall

    by Szemoka 15th Jun 2022 at 2:10pm

    Description: So, a simple mod. more...

    4 6.2k 24

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Teach Toddlers To Walk

    by Szemoka 14th Apr 2022 at 5:19am , updated 18th Mar 2023 at 7:37am

    Description: The 'Teach toddler to walk' interaction is only used when you age up a baby, so, this mod makes the more...

    7 36.9k 53

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • More Neighborhood Stories Notifications

    by Szemoka 25th Mar 2022 at 5:54am

    Description: A simple mod that increases the number of notifications for neighborhood stories. You will get more notifications when you click on more...

    11 42.8k 83

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • No Accessories and Makeup Sleeping

    by Szemoka 7th Dec 2021 at 12:08pm , updated 16th Mar 2023 at 4:32am

    Description: This is a scripting mod. It is strange for me to sleep with glasses or shoes, so I keep banning accessories more...

  • Indoor Temperature Settings Anywhere

    by Szemoka 26th Nov 2021 at 2:29am , updated 16th Mar 2023 at 4:31am

    Description: I'm tired of the sims always feeling cold/hot when staying in a lot without a thermostat. more...

    +1 packs 6 10.5k 37

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Bathing pet in the sink

    by Szemoka 23rd Nov 2021 at 2:54pm , updated 8th Jan 2024 at 12:12pm

    Description: This is a pet version of the 'Clean up toddler in the sink' interaction. You can bathe puppies, small dogs, and more...

    +1 packs 5 13.9k 42

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous

  • Make Oversized Crop Fertilizer From Pet Poo

    by Szemoka 3rd Sep 2021 at 1:03am

    Description: Do you know that your sims may get some oversized crop fertilizer after cleaning out the home of livestock animals? Here's more...

    +2 packs 5 7.1k 41

    Game Mods » Script & Core Mods » Scripted Objects