BHS High School Diplomas

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Uploaded 1st Aug 2018 at 5:28 AM · Updated 7th Apr 2020 at 11:03 AM by Athena Apollos : Updated for 1.51.75

Made and tested with game version

They say that necessity is the mother invention and that pretty much describes how I got into modding - and why I made my latest creation. I always thought it was stupid that EA has college diplomas (and at the time, NO University), but there's a rabbit hole high school (unless you have Zerbu's amazing Go To School mod) and NO diploma. So I made

These began as personalized CC for my game and my main Sims.

There are four swatches:

Swatch 1: Etienne Duchamp
Swatch 2: Amelie Durand
Swatch 3: Charlee Duchamp
Swatch 4: Elise Durand

Catalogue Info:

Wall Decoration
Misc, Bedroom, Living Room, Study
Buyable for §240.

LODs and Poly Counts:

LOD 0: 46
LOD 1: 38

  • Cloned from the Medical Degree Reward object, so this one requires Get To Work to show up in your game.
  • When the walls go down, this object stays up.
  • Made and compressed on a Mac, so there may be .DS_STORE or __MACOSX files in the .zip. If you use Windows, please just delete those.

Additional Credits:
Apple Pages - Diploma layout and the cap and official seal images.
Adobe Photoshop
Sims 4 Studio
Fonts Used:
Sporty Angle Simlish Font by Franzilla
MaiOttograf Simlish font by Franzilla
Asha Handwritten Simlish font by Asha

Photo Credits

"Craptastic" font by me
"Framed Men's Health Article" CC made by me and available here
Other personal, unreleased CC made by me
To all of the CC creators whose CC appears in my pics, but is not used in the creation of the object itself.