Growing Up Wants Panel

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Uploaded: 29th Nov 2018 at 7:55 PM
Updated: 8th Jun 2022 at 5:04 PM
With this mod, Sims (townies too, if they aren't young adults) can receive want or fear slots, or locks while growing up, depending on the aspiration bar level. This mod also disables receiving want and fear slots along with locks as university bonuses but it does not remove them if they were received before.

When a Sim grows up with a red aspiration bar level, they will get a 4th fear slot – if they haven't received it yet.
When a Sim grows up with a high enough* aspiration bar level, they will get a want slot or a lock:
  • A Sim receives a want slot when a difference between their want slots number and their locks number is 3 or fewer, and their number of want slots is at most 5.
  • In other cases, a Sim gets a lock.
A temporal want slot being a vacation benefit called Carefree doesn't count up to the number of want slots.
Bear in mind you don't get any notification when a Sim gets an extra want or fear slot, or an extra lock.

The mod comes in 2 versions that differ in the high enough (*) aspiration bar level: platinum and gold. Use only one version at a time.

You need to have at least one expansion pack or stuff pack installed to be able to use this mod.

Known issues
When a Sim having 6 want slots and 4 fear slots gets a 7th want slot (as a temporal vacation benefit), the 4th fear slot gets hidden until the 7th want slot disappears.

This mod can conflict with mods that modify general university notifications, or that change the way of receiving want or fear slots, or locks, or memories of growing up.

Despite a conflict, this mod can be used with but must load before:
  • No Finals at Night by Twojeffs. Note that it will prevent my mod from removing a no longer valid part about new locks from one of university dialogs.
This mod does not conflict with:
  • University of Life by Pick'N'Mix. However, make sure you do really want to use them together by reading their descriptions carefully.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Memory - Grow UpBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F07FBBC0x000010350x00000000
Wants Satisfy - Complete YearBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F17E3A40x0000201E0x00000000
Wants Satisfy - Academic ProbationBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F17E3A40x000020200x00000000
Dialog prim string setText Lists0x535452230x7F17E3A40x0000012D0x00000000
New resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Sub - Get Carefree Vacation Benefit TokenBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F07FBBC0x000010800x00000000
Sub - Get Carefree Vacation Benefit TokenEdith Simantics Behaviour Labels0x545052500x7F07FBBC0x000010800x00000000
Memory - Grow UpEdith Simantics Behaviour Labels0x545052500x7F07FBBC0x000010350x00000000
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