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Singer Career

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2019 at 10:42 PM
Updated: 17th Apr 2019 at 5:40 PM
The Singer Career is a custom career.

Patch required: PC / Mac
Expansion required: City Living & Get Together

Do you love being on stage? Do you have a beautiful voice? Become a singer! You can become a vocalist, performer, enter a girl group/boyband or become a one hit wonder. It is hard work with long days and you don't always get a lot of money. But your hard work will pay off.

Gigs at the local fair (20/H)
You have to start somewhere. It's not that people are coming for you, but you do get some people listening. Keep dreaming, luckily it's free.

Weekly gig at the local lounge (30/H)
Somebody noticed you and asked you to bring some ambiance to their lounge. You have a steady income and even more people that get to listen to you. You could be going places soon!

Contestant at a talent show (10/H)
You feel like you have so much more to offer than just doing gigs here and there. You take matter into your own hands and audition for a talent show. You pass the audition! This is a big platform, use it!

Signed artist at a mediocre record label (25/H)
So you didn't win the talentshow, but you did get noticed by a record label. Even if it is mediocre, it's something. Record in the studio, practice your singing skills and work hard.

Traveling artist (35/H)
Your name has been dropped in small venues, they all want to display your talents. You travel across the country to perform in all these places. Music geeks will know about you, maybe you can now get some more eyes on you. It almost feels like you are becoming a star, enjoy it while it lasts ...
Track 1: Boyband/Girl group
These tracks are the same, just with different pronounce.
It just doesn't feel right for you to be alone on stage. Maybe you get scared or just love to harmonize? Being alone up there just doesn't fit you, you want support from your girls. Girl groups come and go, to stay you've got to work hard. Not only on vocals, but also on performance.

Training with the girls (20/H)
Now that you've got your band together you guys need to fit together. Not only fit, but also get fit! It's a lot of work on stage, especially in a group. When you're not singing you're performing and when you're not performing you're singing. Sometimes even both at the same time. It sure is hard work.

Doing festival gigs (50/H)
You get to be on stage AND have an audience. For a lot of people this is the first time to see your group. Make an impression on your audience and they will keep asking for more.

Studio recording girl group (40/H)
The audience wants more! People keep asking for some singles, albums, tours, merch, they want it all. So going into the studio it is. Work hard to get the best album out there. It'll take long days, but when it succeeds it'll pay off.

Signed girl group at the best music label (100/H)
The adience aren't the only onces who've noticed you, the best music label of the era signed you! Your career is really taking off. Perfect your new album and big things will be coming for you guys.

Girl group with a platinum album (200/H)
You did it! The album you have been working so hard on succeeded, not only succeeded you went PLATINUM. You produced the most iconic music video's of the era. You show people what you got, all of you. Hard work really pays off, right?

Most beloved girl group worldwide (400/H)
There is no denying your group, you are the biggest and most beloved group out there. It is a tough industry, but you showed you can get anywhere with hard work. And most importantly, sisterhood.
Track 2: One hit wonder
You are trying to become a star, but it just doesn't seem to work out for you. But then something magical happens, YOU'VE GOT A HIT!! Sadly, your career ends there. But your song will be a classic.

Studio artist (40/H)
You are working your butt off to become a huge star. You can feel your big break coming, the only thing you can do is keep working hard.

One hit wonder (400/H)
FINALLY!! You scored your hit! Your big break is here! Every festival wants you, every tv show wants you, every late night show wants you, all the big venue's want you! Life is going amazing, enjoy it!

Living off of royalty's (35/H)
So .... You had a hit, but that was it. You're career didn't take off like you though it would be. People wanted you but after your next album flopped it was game over for you. Luckily you still have the memories, and some royalty's.

Track 3: Performer
You LOVE performing! You want light shows, dance breaks, outfit changes, you want it all! Sure you can still sing, but you want to give a show. Think Lady Gaga, Beyonce or P!nk. You have to work really hard to successeed, but when you do it will all be worth it!

Dance practice (20/H)
You want to stand out, so you need to learn how to do that. You found a trainer that you like and are working really heard to accomplish your dreams.

Performer at festivals (60/H)
Now that you learned how to give a show, you cana ctually give a show. All these festivals are looking for that. Get your dance team together, practices some dance breaks. Wow the crowd, that's your specialty.

Hit machine (200/H)
People really noticed you, Hit after hit, after hit. You are on top of all the charts. You're music video's are BOMB and you're performances are getting really good.

Worldwide touring artist (450/H)
You are wanted everywhere. You perform in the biggest venues with the biggest budgets. When peopel see you they come for a show, and you deliver!

Most wanted artist for big live events (600/H)
You are such a star and event planners know, when you perform people watch. You are even asked for the halftime show of the super bowl. You MADE it!

Living legend (800/H)
At this point, there is no hiding it. You are a living legend. Everyone admires you, even in the industry. You work so hard, you have always worked so hard. Remember when you were just doing local gigs?

Track 4: Vocalist
You are a real vocalist, it's all about the voice not the show. The only show you give is your personality, you make jokes and tell story's. But mostly sing and that is what people want when they come see you. Think Adele, Aretha Franklin or Marvin Gaye. Work hard and it will pay off.

Daytime festival artist (50/H)
Everyone starts somewhere. Though you are at the big festivals, you are only their during the daytime while everyone is at lunch with a hangover.

Support artist (100/H)
Wow, some huge star noticed you and asked you to be their support artist on their worldwide tour. This is such a big opportunity, with a huuuge crowd. Maybe people aren't coming for you (again) but they are noticing you and everyone can feel that you are going places!

Artist of a breakthrough album (200/H)
You did it! Your breakthrough album is here. All the hard work you put in, all the time in the studio and traveling around the world to showcase your talent.

Breakthrough artist of the year (250/H)
Not only did you have a breakthrough album, you won an award for breaktrough artist of the year! People want you everywhere! You perfom on daytime shows, late night shows, festival, just everywhere!


Worldwide touring artist (450/H)
I told you, you are wanted EVERYWHERE. From europe to Asia, everyone wants to see you live! You fill your shows with vocals and some jokes. It's layed back and that is what people like about you! You are unique.

Award winning artist (600/H)
You did it, you are on top of the world! You win so many awards, from MTV awards, till the Grammy's. Everyone loves you, you truly are THE vocalist of the era! You almost can't remember those times when you were performing at small gigs.

Note: Boyband/Girl group makes less money because they have to 'split' their income. This is for realistic purpose
Download the file and added it to your mods folder.
I also attached a Neia Careers Commons package which you will need to run this mod.

If you have a career request, let me know!
Love, Librasims

Additional Credits:
This mod was made with the Neia 'Create a Career' tool.

s4pe by kuree
GIMP 2.10.4
Python 33