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  • The Ultimate Cosmetic Career (Updated for April Patch)

    by xTheLittleCreator 10th Feb 2019 at 4:10pm , updated 28th Apr 2019 at 11:52am

    Following in your mother�s footsteps, to become an all around stylist in the beauty industry is literally your dream job but, where do you start? Are you going to study first or start working in you more...

    12 61.1k 89

    Careers » Base game only

  • Ice Skating Career (Updated for Island Living)

    by xTheLittleCreator 13th Dec 2018 at 4:54pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 11:14am

    Ice and Cold. The two things you absolutely adore. You were born to skate on ice, but before you can show everyone what you are made off: you applied for a job at the Ice Rink in your neighborhood to more...

    +1 packs 38 69.2k 83

    Careers » Base game only

  • Pharmacist Career (Updated for Island Living)

    by xTheLittleCreator 22nd Aug 2018 at 2:35pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 11:09am

    You know how important it is to take care of your own health. You as the youngest of your family knows what you want achieve in your life. You want to heal and take care of other sims, you want to bec more...

    33 101.4k 122

    Careers » EP compatible

  • Oceanography Career (Updated for Island Island)

    by xTheLittleCreator 4th Jul 2018 at 4:38pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 11:02am

    The Deep Sea, something you always were interested in. From cutting fish, cleaning tanks, researching sea lice and a whole bunch more activities: you can�t get enough. There is only one thing you wa more...

    33 137.4k 149

    Careers » Base game only

  • Actor/Actress Career (Updated For Island Living)

    by xTheLittleCreator 11th Jun 2018 at 7:09pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 10:57am

    You have been dreaming about acting as long as you can remember. You took a few acting lessons and already audienced for a few small rolls but no one called you back. Don't give up, you keep telling y more...

    +1 packs 53 112.5k 145

    Careers » EP compatible

  • Aviation Career (Updated for Island Living)

    by xTheLittleCreator 15th Apr 2018 at 9:45pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 10:51am

    Since you have been a kid, you wanted to work at an Airport. Flying through the sky, guide planes, control air traffic or serve food to passengers: you wanted to do it all. Sadly you can't be a Ramp A more...

    +1 packs 42 52.3k 66

    Careers » EP compatible

  • Singer Career (Updated for Island Living)

    by xTheLittleCreator 4th Apr 2018 at 10:22pm , updated 9th Jul 2019 at 10:42am

    You've been dreaming about singing, performing and writing songs as long as you can remember. You don't really know where to begin but, you saw that your local pub is looking for a stage builder. It's more...

    +1 packs 78 231.9k 167

    Careers » Miscellaneous